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- Carnival has worked closely with officials in the ports where its ships will call to develop protocols for passenger excursions. Note that, although there are no strict rules on the amount of luggage passengers can bring onboard a cruise, most line recommend no more than two checked bags per person. Visit:, Costa Cruises delivers Italys finest at sea, bringing modern Italian lifestyle to its ships to provide guests with a true European experience that embodies a unique passion for life through warm hospitality, entertainment and gastronomy. It also might allow you to choose between a refund or a future cruise credit. Applies to US Military Personnel and Canadian National Defense personnel (and their traveling companions in the same stateroom) of 18 20 years of age. For all of your toiletry needs, consider packing the following items: To keep other items like wallets, cell phones, sunglasses and water bottles organized and always at the ready, bring along an over-door shoe organizer with clear pockets. Here we're offering a sampling, culled from American and Delta. Cruises are usually vacations where you can let loose and relax, without having to worry about too many regulations. When youre at sea, it can get chilly after the sun goes down. Guests under the age of 5 years are exempt from vaccination and testing requirements for sailings from the U.S., and under the age of 12 for sailings from Australia. Its important to check the minimum age requirements for your cruise. That's about 40% smaller than the biggest ships operated by Royal Caribbean. Leave anything of high sentimental or monetary value, like heirloom jewelry, at home. - All guests over the age of two will be required to wear a mask when indoors except when inside their own stateroom, while eating and drinking seated at a table and when using the cardio equipment at the gym if physical distancing is maintained. You have seen them at the beach. the latest travel news, advice, updates, upcoming exclusive deals and more. Numerous cruise lines have, however, already begun mandating full vaccination against COVID-19 for all passengers and crew. Email:, CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE UPDATES PRE-CRUISE TESTING PROTOCOLS, 2023 Carnival Corporation & plc Seven of the line's 24 vessels measure less than 100,000 tons, which makes them almost midsize by today's cruise ship standards. Almost half (21) of the U.S. states have legalized cannabis consumption. Average weight maximums are 50 pounds; otherwise, plan to pay a surcharge. Cruise Hive was established back in 2008 and among the earliest blogs in the industry. Dont let poor time management ruin your vacation. For Americans, some popular cruise destinations, such as Russia and Australia, require visas. A few protective items keep cruisers comfortable on board the ship and on land. The restaurants usually have assigned seating or set dining times, so you can book meals with your group when you book the trip. Carnival Luminosa - 9/14/2023: Please check back for an update on vaccination and Be sure to hold on to receipts in order to declare goods purchased aboard, and to adhere to allowances for purchases of popular items like alcohol, cigarettes and cigars. Some people get up early and put a towel on a recliner in a prime spot of the deck, either by the pool or by the bar. Although not required for either vaccinated or unvaccinated guests, we encourage all guests 5 Its that serious. External site which may or may not meet You'll want to double-check the current guidelines (with a site like for U.S. citizens) as they pertain to your specific travel plans. If you determine that someone has not returned to their chair for an hour or more, then you might want to let a staff member know. Azamara. Respect your crew and the laws of the sea. For more information or to apply for a visa, contact the appropriate consulate or embassy near you; visas can also be obtained through third-party visa service companies, but you will pay an extra processing fee for the convenience. Part of the fun of a vacation at sea is the tradition of a formal dinner. Where they sail: Carnival sails large ships around the world, including popular trips to the Caribbean. "It's a mistake to book a flight before 11 a.m. for an airport near the cruise port and before noon if there's . *Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional per person. You may see women on local beaches without their bikini tops, or even people in the nude. However, as 2021 enters the spring and summer months, growing calls from the industry and U.S. political figures to allow ships to set sail by July 2021 are starting to be heard, providing some limited hope that cruises can resume from the United States this summer. Other cruisers might get annoyed if you let your children run around unsupervisednear the pool, movie theatre or other play areas. Temperature checks may also be conducted prior to disembarking at a port of call and before participating in certain onboard activities. Again, you are sharing a relatively small space with a large number of people with disparate customsand standards. You need to know where to go if youneed to evacuate. By NBC 6 Published August 15, 2022 Updated on August 15, 2022 at 10:53 am. If it is necessary to cancel any or multiple ports, we will do our best to find alternative destinations. Guests who are 21 to 24 years of age may travel with their minor children. External site which may or may not meet Note that further documentation could be required for boarding an airplane for international flights; you can check in with the. A dedicated cruise blog keeping readers informed on the latest news, informative cruise-related articles, forums and keeping track of the very latest ships. - Hand sanitizers, wipes and/or handwashing locations will be located throughout the ship and in terminals, and guests will be directed to use them regularly. We intend to provide more details over the coming weeks as we work to resume operations.". If you have been on a cruise before, you know they have a whole series of traditions and rules that may be puzzling to the first-time cruiser. (See What Not to Pack: 5 Things You Want to Bring on a Cruise -- But Shouldn't.) After an influx of comments and questions about the updated rules, Carnival took down the announced changes and replaced them with basic health requirements issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Deciding whether to cancel is a personal decision, as options and offerings could vary from line to line and sailing to sailing.The advantage of waiting for the cruise line to cancel is that if the cruise line to pulls the plug, it might offer incentives that go above and beyond the standard cancellation policies. Although most of your time will be spent in casual resort wear, leave the ripped jeans and cut off shorts at home. In a since-deleted TiKTok that went viral, a man was shown successfully fishing off the side of a Carnival cruise ship docked in Nassau, Bahamas, which is a prohibited action on Carnival ships. This handy cruise packing checklist for first-timers offers all the tips you need for an enjoyable voyage. Exceptions include liquid medicines and baby food/milk. If you're gonna sweat it out during your cruise, why not do it outdoors and enjoy a great sea breeze and the greatest view? Usually, this may include nightclubs and casinos, or cigar rooms. Details on guidelines for submitting proof of testing and other COVID-related protocols are available on Carnivals Have Fun. External site which may or may not meet In order to board the ship, you'll need to show up at the embarkation terminal with your cruise boarding documents and personal identification in hand. Passengers heading to Australia will need to take a PCR test 3 days before sailing or a self-administered antigen test 1 day before sailing. Be on time picking up your children when the Club is closing, as well. (Precise time frames vary by cruise line.). Documentation includes: marriage license issued by the County Clerks Office; legal proof of civil union; for newly married couples: a copy of the marriage license application or certificate signed by the official that performed the ceremony. While the airlines officially state that a passenger (with baggage to check) must have checked in at least 30 to 60 minutes in advance of flight time for a domestic flight, you might want to allow for more time, especially during busy holiday seasons. Whoever it was, they've done us a favor! When the crew puts on their dress whites, you should dress accordingly. Of course, Carnival is also aiming to still deliver a fun and unforgettable cruise vacation with these new procedures in place. - Only booked guests will be permitted to enter the terminal and boarding area. During the initial return to sailing, guests will be restricted to excursions or activities led by vetted tour operators who maintain Carnival's level of COVID-19 controls. Under the C. D.C.'s new requirements, cruise ships will not be permitted to sail with an itinerary that lasts longer than seven days. Royal Caribbeanrecommends a step up from regular dinner wear, so bring your tuxedo and evening gown if you have them! Be Safe. ), All passengers are required to attend on onboard safety drill, also known as the. accessibility guidelines, Australia Have Comfortable, closed-toed sandals or water shoes with anti-slip soles make the perfect choice for staying upright on slippery pool decks, wading in rocky reefs, exploring ancient ruins or shopping till you drop in outdoor markets. The updated protocols are: Additionally, travel insurance is no longer a requirement for unvaccinated guests unless it is required by a destination, such as Bermuda. vaccine or the appropriate booster at least 14 days prior to the sailing day (not counting Please call 1-800-CARNIVAL to request your refund. Beginning Tuesday, September 6, 2022, Carnival Cruise Line will be implementing new COVID-19 guidelines for both vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers. Canada has banned all cruise traffic through February 28, 2022, effectively cancelling any departures to or from Canadian ports of call for the remainder of the 2021 season. Visit:, Cunard is the epitome of British refinement for travelers who relish the lines impeccable White Star Service, gourmet dining, world-class entertainment, and the legacy of historic voyages and transatlantic travel. However, when you are traveling on the sea with hundreds, even thousands, of other people, following some basic cruise rules of etiquette will ensure that you all have a fun and safe time. Hey, who left a gym on top of the cruise ship? Major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line International dropped their vaccine requirements for many sailing in early September and eased. Several TikTok users were outraged with the rule-breaking behavior. Buffet service will be modified to eliminate or severely restrict self-service items. Regardless of the type of test taken, unvaccinated guests will be required to present their negative test results via VeriFLY or as part of the embarkation process. Generally, vaccinations are not required for travel to cruise destinations, though many countries do list vaccine recommendations for travelers. accessibility guidelines, You Tube. Please note the following procedures and policies: The guest must bring the deceaseds Death Certificate. The stated prices do not include the additional 18% service charge which is added when purchasing the package. This period may be shortened or lengthened based on public . Visit:, Seabourn provides ultraluxury cruising vacations in a unique, small-ship style that focuses on genuine, intuitive service, all-suite accommodations, superb cuisine and unique experiences in destinations worldwide. Your cruise line or travel agent can alert you to some of the cruise rules, regulations and restrictions that you need to know about for your next vacation at sea, but you can't count on them to tell you everything. For passengers traveling to Canada, a PCR test can be taken 3 days before sailing or an antigen test can be taken 2 days before sailing. Close contacts with a document of recovery are exempt from testing. Chair Hogs! font-size: 12px; For instance, in Russia, if you plan to purchase a ship's shore excursion, the visa requirement is waived. Any close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 guest may travel if they are asymptomatic on embarkation day, test negative to an antigen test at embarkation and agree to additional testing up to 5 days from last exposure. Carnival says the new policies and procedures - which will be mandatory for all guests - were developed based on guidance and directives from health authorities including the CDC, governments in the U.S. and abroad and additional advice from medical and public health experts. Be Safe. The cruise line designed these measures to "maximize the health and safety of guests and crew.". Opens in a new window. Unvaccinated guests are welcome to sail and are no longer required to apply for a vaccine exemption, except for cruises in Australia or on voyages 16 nights and longer. accessibility guidelines. Even cruises which espouse a casual vibe prefer you to respect the culture by eschewing sloppy attire. In the event that you are going on a snorkeling tour, you need to remember to only bring eco-friendly sunscreen, as most tours now only allow that type of sunscreen on their excursions. As well, all guests will have their temperature taken as part of the boarding process. Few items help keep your stateroom neat and orderly like hanging organizers. If guests break the rules, well then be prepared for a waste of your hard-earned money. That's how serious this is. If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 within 5 days or less from the scheduled date of embarkation, guest may elect to cancel their cruise booking by immediately (within 24 hours of receiving the test result) contacting Carnival at 1-800-CARNIVAL to notify Carnival of their cancellation. Email:, For 24-hour media inquiries and access requests, please contact: These handy items take up little space in your suitcase, and they keep your smartphone, wallet and other items safe and dry on water-related shore excursions. Some ships may even make you get off theshipif you skip the drill. All guests will be required to complete a health questionnaire beginning 72 hours prior to the date of embarkation to identify any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (or other infectious diseases) and any contact with individuals confirmed to have COVID-19 prior to the cruise. For the past year, the cruise industry has tried to work with the CDC, and continues to do so. position: relative; Cruise ships may travel amongst countries with different laws on marijuana. Inter-island planes may not run regularly. This site is best viewed in the latest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Health, Environment, Safety, Security & Sustainability Policy & Governance, Waste Management, Reduction, Reuse & Recycling, Greenhouse Gas Emission Investory Certification, Third Party Privacy, Security & Risk Management Portal. Many families find a cruise vacation to offer the perfect blend of activities to keep all members of the family entertained, no matter what age they are. The bookings must be cross-referenced with the relative or guardian's stateroom and documented properly. Twitter. Nearly every cruise ship prohibits smoking in cabins -- including balconies -- and in restaurants. A handful . What Is a Cruise Ship "Flag Of Convenience" -- And Why Does It Matter? Waiters are not the only people who may help to make your cruise pleasurable. No shows and guests who fail to comply with the COVID-19 cancellation procedures above or the. Starting Sept. 6, Carnival Cruise Line unvaccinated travelers will no longer need to obtain a vaccine exemption to board cruises that last less than 16 nights, according to the company. accessibility guidelines, Instagram. Stymied in the U.S., Cruise Lines Take Ships Out of The Country. You need to attend this session as part of your agreement with the cruise line. Failure to provide documentation or not conforming to this policy will result in denied boarding and no compensation will be provided. Millions of travelers rely on Cruise Hive in the United States, Europe, Australia, and around the world. Follow this link for Carnival's Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking Policy . We break down what the ruling means and what cruisers can expect as long as the CDC's guidance remains in place. Guest ages will be verified at embarkation. CRUISE HIVE LTD 2008-2023. Bringing Cremated Remains On Board A guest may bring cremated remains on board. Parkinson's story has all details of the new rules, which include: - Every guest two years of age or older will be required to provide documentation of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test taken between five days to 24 hours prior to the date of embarkation. This is obviously not very accommodating of your fellow passengers, especially when you save more than two deck chairs for a group! An antigen test will not be accepted. Visit:, Carnival Cruise Line, also known as Americas Cruise Line, is a leader in contemporary cruising and operates a fleet of ships designed to provide fun and memorable vacation experiences at a great value. If you have been on a cruise before, you may be tempted to skip this lesson and get the party started. Sign up to receive email alerts whenever Carnival Corporation & plc posts new information to the site. Carnival Cruise Line removed the new health and safety protocol changes announced on its website just hours before. Research your cruise before booking so you can accurately assess their level of formality. No. If parent and child don't share a last name, many lines require additional documentation (like the child's passport and birth certificate) as proof of the relationship. All guests, 18 years of age and older, may be required to present proof of vaccination *All refund requests must be made within 5 days of the scheduled embarkation date or you will only be entitled to a Future Cruise Credit for the amount specified. Ships in the United States that are American flagged and carry fewer than 250 passengers and crew are also exempt. Knowing the cruise rules will ensure you never feel underdressed or out of your element. Carnival Breeze | Carnival Celebration | Carnival Conquest We want you to have a memorable vacation but please remember a cruise ship is a shared space. These. |. You must purchase a Carnival drink package for the entire length of the cruise. However, we encourage all guests to To stay extra comfortable throughout your vacation, consider packing these items: Because you may not be able to pick up whatever you need when youre out at sea, its important to pack carefully for your first cruise. In accordance with TSA (the agency responsible for airport security) regulations, all liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes being carried on must be in 3.4-ounce or smaller containers, and they must be packed in a single one-quart-sized clear, re-sealable plastic bag. Approved by the U.S. Department of State, the card is a limited-use passport reduced down to the size of a driver's license. The company disclosed its new health and safety protocols as demanded by the Centers for Disease Control, and Bruce Parkinson of CruiseRadio.Net spoke to Carnival about the changes. Failure to show up at the drill can result in penalties, including disembarkation from the ship. It depends -- if your ship can carry over 250 people (passengers and crew) then you won't be able to sail, even if your cruise is operating solely within the United States on an American-flagged vessel. Have questions? Traveling with Minors What is proper cruise etiquette? Carnival banned at least two passengers from sailing with them for life. Until it is obvious that itineraries can absolutely not proceed, these cruises technically remain active. The bookings must be cross-referenced with the relative or guardians stateroom and documented properly. "When we have a final plan, we will update our website and communicate directly with booked guests and travel agents.". You can not purchase just select days. Prepaid gratuities per minor are due at final payment. How much should you tip? considered fully vaccinated if they have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 Handwritten test results and photographs of at home test results are not acceptable. Its important to be a law-abiding citizen on a ship. Note: Onboard activities, shore excursions, and dining options may vary byshipand destination. Get expert advice, insider tips and more. Get expert advice, insider tips and more. Experiencing Planet Positive Travel At Wakaya, Fiji's Most Luxurious Private Island, The Greek Island Glow With Virgin Voyages, American Queen Voyages Spring Savings Event, Update: February 9, 2021 at 9:20 a.m. Note that cruises can typically be booked as far as 18 months in advance to as little as a week ahead of the scheduled sailing date. It is best to avoid any issues at all by not indulging in this substance while on board. Beginning . Be sure to check with your airline regarding your specific situation. You will have to show you know how to put on your life jacket. *Taxes, fees and port expenses are additional per person. When traveling with a minorwhere one parent or both parents or legal guardians are not cruising, we strongly recommend bringing an original signed letter from the absent parent(s) or legal guardians authorizing the minor to travel with you. Do not skinny dip in the ships pools, even the adult-only ones, if it is expressly prohibited. Guest may also be required to present the negative results of a COVID-19 test taken prior to Many airlines also do not count items for lap infants, such as umbrella strollers or safety seats; check with your airline for its specific regulations. Certain destinations do not accept unsupervised pre-cruise self-testing, including Bermuda, Canada, Greece, and Spain. One exception to the passport or passport card rule applies to "closed-loop" cruises -- itineraries that begin and end at the same U.S. port. Opens in a new window. For easy transitions from water to land, purchase products made from durable, quick-drying materials.

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