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But that makes for a very funny dynamic, in the right hands and Tom is definitely the right hands, he's expertly manoeuvered his way around something that could be otherwise pretty bleak! Image shows left to right: Harry Connor, Fiona Lewis (Kate O'Flynn), David Lewis (Simon Bird), Amy James-Kelly, The High Life. I think that has happened quite a lot, particularly on shoots that are for any length of time. Taking the family holiday to Scotland already proved contentious, but especially when it is revealed it's so Robin can try a last-ditch attempt to win Cherry back at her wedding. There are jokes that would fly over the heads of an American audience, like a reference to Dominic Cummings, the since-dismissed adviser to Boris Johnson, who made headlines by flouting lockdown rules. 2020 has been an absolute nightmare for the Jessop family (amongst others). Robin had by that point been jilted and the entire family, including Pauls fretting mother Sue (Alison Steadman), were setting off for a miserable staycation in Margate. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Gregor Sharp. Meet the cast of BBC One comedy Pandemonium. Forget about vaccines and antibodies Pandemonium was a testament to the medicinal powers of laughter. . Alison Steadman , 74, has been left feeling depressed after watching the news, including recent reports on Donald Trump and his supporters. Pictured above:Amy-Jessop (Freya Parks), Paul Jessop (Jim Howick, Robin (Tom Basden), Sue Jessop (Alison Steadman), Sam-Jessop (Jack Christou), Rachel Jessop (Katherine Parkinson). Sam is the youngest sibling in the Jessop family. The BBC explains: "2020 has been an absolute nightmare for the Jessop family (amongst others). But the show is an ambitious bet. Growing up, I was a big fan of the National Lampoons Vacation films, and I wanted to capture some of that warmth and chaos that comes from a group of people with very different attitudes, all bundled together and unleashed upon the world. But the things that do well stick around for years. Does he change throughout the episode? Should doctors who spread false information about COVID-19 lose their medical licenses? Heres how it works. Television has already tackled life under quarantine, with shows such as Connecting on NBC and Social Distance on Netflix. The actress has appeared in Unforgotten (as Sandra in season three), Pure (as Libby), and London Kills. Tom was fully aware of the situation too, so that was quite funny - trying to treat that as normal. The Jessops had planned their dream getaway to California together as a family, but have been forced to give up on their summer holiday. See more gaps All rights reserved. The final scene shot on the last day of production follows the Jessups as they digest the news, read to them by Amy on her mobile phone, that Britain is going into its second lockdown, the one that started in October. Therell be something for every member of the family to relate to. Sue is a different kind of character to one Ive played before. Casualty nurse Faith Cadogan is forced to confront a dark secret when someone from her past shows up. The trailer for Here We Go (BBC One) has been running on the BBC for a while now, and it gave every indication of being a proper turkey, gobbling in to view. At first, Pauls mother, Sue, wont take the virus seriously, exasperating her son. . I think as well, a scene we're all in together, sat around the table and the ad-libs and choices coming out made it impossible to keep a straight face. The result was a bleak, hilarious and winningly jittery comedy of manners. It is a specially written thirty-minute show all about contemporary Britain which star Katherine Parkinson says "presents the funny side to what has been a testing time for us all". Pandemonium was filmed during the lockdown with elaborate safety precautions the cast were, for instance, prohibited from touching car door handles in the course of the shoot. Monty Python episodes are evergreens.. We had to make up car games and improvise songs. When William and Dorothy Wordsworth arrive at Coleridge's cottage and they go in search of Sarah Coleridge, the baby, Hartley is sitting on Sarah's lap with bare feet. She packed an erotic outfit and a sex toy for just that purpose. Now the Jessops are back for a full series. Paul and Amy end up competing for the same job. [1] The pilot episode, originally titled Pandemonium, was broadcast on 30 December 2020,[2][3][4] commissioned as part of the long-running Comedy Playhouse strand. The newcomer has previously starred in Doctors. No, we are not going home! Rachel shouts. There was presumably lots of nervous energy around as the cameras rolled, much of which has filtered through to the screen. You can unsubscribe at any time. Maya is Amy Jessops best friend and lover. Extremely calm under pressure and no-nonsense, Sam is very much the emotional detached documentary maker. ", Tori Allen-Martin (Unforgotten, London Kills) plays Robins self-obsessed and domineering on-off fiance Cherry who cheated on Robin with her fitness instructor, Hugo. Then the coronavirus struck and sunny California was out of the question. For full Christmas listings check out our TV guide! I mean most of it. Duration: 00:37 Trailer: Blue Lights. By entering your details, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Robin is a bit of a mess. By what name was Pandaemonium (2000) officially released in Canada in English? Pandemonium follows a family over the last year who have to change their plans for a holiday of a lifetime to California. But they met quite young and love each other very much which is the saving grace. Basdens gags didnt dance around the misery of the pandemic but instead jumped right in. I think he maybe gave it the big guns in the beginning, and she thought he had a bit more swag to him than he actually does. Why Ed Sheeran is both right and wrong to say most pop songs fit over most other pop songs, How the audiobook boom made listening the new reading, The sexist bunny boiler trope is gone. Over the course of six episodes they'll be navigating everyday life littered with relatablefamily frustrations including missing pets, disastrous day trips and attempts to keep the romance alive in a well worn marriage. Robins high-maintenance fianc Cherry has high expectations and is often disappointed by Robins poor attempts to meet them. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. [5][6], In February 2023, the show was recommissioned for two further series.[7]. And it is absolutely hilarious! We were hoping for more of a Californian climate! Everyone just threw themselves into the script and there was a really easy comfortability between us all that made the relationships so much easier to create on screen. Where have I seen Katherine Parkinson before? I felt it had the potential to sum up the year for a lot of families in terms of what their experience has been, with all of the various disappointments along the way.. Cast and crew "wore masks at all times" and had their temperatures checked each day by COVID supervisors. He said that he had "wanted to write a sitcom about a family going on holiday for some time, as I think there's something really funny and high stakes about people under pressure to have a good time together, and the stress and anger this tends to produce instead". She is highly entertained by the different characters within the household and tends to especially enjoy when Paul teases or embarrasses Amy. We did do a scene in the garden where I had a stiletto heel on and I had fully sunk into the mud, I was honestly stuck. Katherine is a dream sitcom wife. And Mica, Freya and Jack are such exciting new talent too and we were instantly giggling with each other - the job was so quick, but we bonded super quickly and it feels like I've known them a lot longer than I have. She loves her son and her grandkids but she can be quite selfish! says Alison Steadman who plays her. They must be French. Initially, Mr. Allen thought that a show centered around Covid-19 would quickly feel dated. With family morale at an all-time low, the Jessops decide theyre going to have their summer holiday after all, even if it means doing it in October. Tom Basden, who wrote Pandemonium, plays the depressed and chain-smoking character Robin. Robin's demanding, high-maintenance wife-to-be-, Cherry is described as "Blissfully un-self-aware". Hair and makeup artists hover, a small production team arranges and tweaks cameras, microphones and monitors. I actually quite enjoyed it in the end but never again. Everyone wears a colored wrist band. "All filmed by their youngest son, Pandemonium charts the Jessops' last, dogged attempt at some quality family time in 2020, despite the best efforts of a global pandemic to pull them apart.". Pandemonium is the latest comedy from the BBC, and the newest addition to their Christmas TV schedule alongside shows like the Ghosts Christmas special (opens in new tab) and Mrs Browns Boys. To Margate in October! Tom (Basden) is a great writer, gentle funny and very witty. She's an optimist, and has been propping up the family's finances (and her husband's self-esteem) during the pandemic. [18], Rachel Sigee, reviewing for iNews gave series 1 four out of five stars. He is a man who still lives off his former (almost) glory and is ridiculed by his family on a daily basis. We all know how difficult it's been, but in a laugh or cry scenario, this is definitely a knowing laugh and a big warm hug - Pandemonium lets us all in on the joke and it's a really good feeling. Determined not to be stopped by the global pandemic, Pandemonium charts the familys desperate attempts to create some precious memories and have some quality time together. We are all sick and tired of Covid and the hokey cokey lockdowns being the new normal, but having all gone through it together, Pandemonium will give some comic relief to the chaos we have all endured. Pandemonium, a sitcom starring Katherine Parkinson, Jim Howick, Alison Steadman and Tom Basden is coming to BBC One this Christmas. [15], The first series averaged 1.4 million viewers on the night of broadcast, rising to 1.7 million with on-demand viewership. On April 20, the Sun, a British tabloid, ran this unforgettable teaser on its front page: 596 dead. If there'd been a need to run, I would've just been resigned to my fate - I wasn't going anywhere. PANDAMONIUM [2020] - OFFICIAL TRAILER - HORROR [HD 1080] - YouTube ON UK DVD MARCH 2ND.Get yours at Http:// BY : MJ DIXONPRODUCED BY : ANNA DIXONDavid Hon Ma Chu | Oriana. Putting together the pilot was, for obvious reasons, complicated. . This meant "second camera perspective[s]" were added into the narrative at some points that were not as restrictive to what the audience saw, with the aim overall for "choreographed chaos" to "create something that felt amateur and spontaneous, thus enabling our audience to believe the home video conceit but not be distracted by it". Shed much rather be hanging out with her girlfriend, Maya, at Uni, or be burying herself in the world of Instagram, than suffer life with her parents who are desperately trying to make the best of what is a very bad situation. She's also starred in Life, Fat Friends, Care, Hold the Sunset, and The Worst Week of My Life. Anyone can read what you share. [14] Basden explained that the premise of the series was inspired by his grandfather filming their family holidays as a child, and the "videos were often very funny by accident", and that he "liked the idea of a family talking to the camera and being aware that they were being filmed as it puts them under even more pressure to project positivity while everything is going wrong around them". Theres so much to watch over Christmas. Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. "We talk about this a lot. Friendship and betrayal between two poets during the French Revolution. Friendship and betrayal between two poets during the French Revolution. That is until Katherine takes her hands off the wheel and everyone's terrified for a second. It is the final day of a six-day shoot, and the director, Ella Jones, is orchestrating a few takes of Paul (played by Jim Howick) explaining his sex toy change of heart to Rachel (Katherine Parkinson). Alas. The scene was repeated a few times, with the director offering notes between each take. Join us in our mission to support and promote British comedy across the decades. See page 4., By then, it felt like this huge political and social issue that we had to tackle, he said in a recent interview. Otherwise known as 'Mum' in the Jessop family, and married to Paul. Granny, Sue Jessop, is a chirpy widower who tells it like it is! Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Basden, who wrote the script for Pandemonium and also co-created Plebs, has starred in After Life (as Matt), Plebs, Quacks, Women on the Verge, and David Brent: Life on the Road. I became very good at manoeuvring around in order to stay out of shot and learnt a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, says Jude. Alison Steadman (Gavin and Stacey) also features as Pauls mother who is constantly breaking the rules to check up on the family. [20], Broadcast's Miriam McHugh said the show was "a criminally underrated gem" that "didn't get the credit due when it was released, but is an entertaining entrant to the mockumentary canon".[21]. Also, I admire Katherine Parkinson and Jim Howick. Great writing, subtle humour and loved the team. She's incredibly funny and very nice. The cast of the BBC comedy Pandemonium, set during the coronavirus pandemic. When we first meet him in February, hes on cloud nine - preparing for his summer wedding to Cherry - but in October, hes morose and self-destructive and a terrible holiday companion. Amy's troubles with her on-off relationship with Maya rear their head again, Rachel attempts to improve her rusty Italian, and Robin ropes Paul into going undercover at the estate agent's he believes Cherry's new boyfriend works at. So, it actually offers something completely different. Each episode sees the Jessops navigate all kinds of scenarios, from day trips that go badly awry to job interviews, kidnapped pets and sabotaged weddings. Exactly, says Baynton. Having seen their finances and future plans devastated, they've also had to abandon their holiday of a lifetime to California. We had some free moments of improvising too, I loved that, even if it isnt used. The credits start with one letter, which becomes the name of the person involved. The conceit would give the standard family comedy a mockumentary twist. Lets just press on for as long as we legally can.. Pandemonium, a 1x30' is a BBC Studios production for BBC One written by Tom Basden. The challenges are evident on a brisk November afternoon, as the cast and crew mill around a railing by a stretch of beach in Margate. Theres a lot of risk and a lot of failure when it comes to comedy, said Mr. Allen. Pandemonium airs on BBC One at 9:45pm on Wednesday 30th December 2020. We had to film in a car on the back of a low loader (a trailer thing on the back of actual car, actually being driven). In Margate. Pandemonium airs on BBC One at 9:45pm on Wednesday 30th December 2020. If the pilot for Pandemonium gets good ratings and credible reviews, a full season will be ordered and it will begin filming sometime next year. Are you mad? Soon he was getting a Covid test so that he could join other cast members for a few days of reading through the script at a BBC studio in White City, a district of London. Now the clan is making do in Margate, a forlorn British seaside town that peaked decades ago. The effect was surprisingly powerful: it was incredibly cathartic seeing your own hopes, fears and nagging anxieties mirrored on screen. For the BBC, the show isnt the sort of gamble that it would be for any other British or U.S. network. After they cancel my hip replacement? The Jessops trying to enjoy a family meal out in Here We Go. Duration: 00:29 Christmas 2022 on BBC One. It celebrates Who is Amy? Read on for everything you need to know about BBC sitcom Pandemonium. With Linus Roache, John Hannah, Samantha Morton, Emily Woof. A second series of seven episodes will air later in 2023. But as the pair stand alone for a moment, Paul confesses that he just isnt ready for it. She also refuses to join in nationwide applause for National Health Service workers on Thursday nights. I think shes telling those people to stand farther apart from each other, said Tom Basden, who wrote Pandemonium and plays Robin, Rachels depressed and chain-smoking brother. It follows the Jessop family, who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Black Ops is the high-stakes yet hilarious story of two under-qualified, undercover cops and their attempts to escape the criminal world they've been thrust into. Having seen their finances and future plans devastated, they've also had to abandon their holiday of a lifetime to California. And its full of things that happened to us this year so, in another sense, its a bit like the News. I read the script and I loved it and the whole family aspect! Jacob, Jakushi, the infamous 'Stripper Ripper' with an oversized Panda mask and a taste for exotic dancers has these girls in his sights and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. They're comedy legends and such experts at what they do -it was a pleasure and a privilege, honestly. Were not going to cancel, he tells his wife. Im not going to pick a favourite character - thats famously bad parenting. Executives watched via Zoom. The guys on Level 6 like to work hard, and party harder, that means the best booze, the finest drugs and hottest women money can buy. BA1 1UA. Yellow means you are not part of the regime and must keep your time near the red bands to a minimum. No other genre has longevity like that. Shes got no filter and just says whatever comes into her head. Survivor fans have questions, The Secret Life of Amy Bensen season 2: Maddie McCormick says Amy is 'demanding answers', The Challenge fans frustrated with Kaz Crossley. Despite his best efforts to project confidence, Rachels husband Paul is a fairly insecure soul, prone to overthinking things and occasional defeatism. Or rather, is there anything amusing, or recognizable in a humorous way, about life during a plague, with all of its indignities and setbacks, not to mention its rituals (clapping for health care workers) and rules (face masks, please). Thats just a scam to make idiots pay more money.. Where have I seen Jack Christou before? He's bruised by it all. Hong Kong orders mandatory COVID-19 tests for all residents. Paul's annual teasing by Ray, a former Olympic teammate who went to. Pandemonium is what weve all been through the last few months, and I hope it presents the funny side to what has been a testing time for us all. What was it like to work with your fellow cast? Car finance with Flow Car -Configure multiple finance quotations in seconds - Manage your application entirely online - Finance a car without receiving unwanted sales calls - Get the best available rate Feed with access to over 380,000+ available vehicles nationwide for you to choose from. Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd) leads the cast as mum Rachel, who hopes that a last-minute family break will make up for their cancelled summer plans. Can you tell us about your character and his relationships in Pandemonium? I know people always say that, but it really was, particularly in such a difficult year. But Covid-19 has imposed a host of unusual restrictions and protocols. The BBCs head of comedy, Shane Allen, greenlit the project, and until May, he resisted the idea that the show should even mention Covid-19. Sam Jessop is the teenage son of Paul and Katherine and younger sibling of Amy. [14], The show's production team won an award at the Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards in 2022, with the Excellence in Audio Post-Production (Scripted) being awarded to Joe Cochrane and Elliot Bowell of Splice, who did post-production for Here We Go. Pauls blunt and buoyant mother, Sue takes a very cavalier attitude towards the Coronavirus and is constantly breaking the rules to come over and check up on the family. As in every television production, the roughly 30 people at work here look like a nomadic tribe with a lot of expensive equipment. Other bits suggest that the United States still has substantial cultural heft here. There's not a trailer for Pandemonium yet, but we'll update this page as soon as one lands. The actress is known for Bulletproof, As Dead As It Gets, and Vera. I love Tom's work, always funny and smart and secondly, the concept. Image shows from L to R: Sam (Jude Collie), Sue (Alison Steadman), Amy (Freya Parks), Paul (Jim Howick), Rachel (Katherine Parkinson), Everyone Else Burns. The show starts at a moment that now feels like eight years ago namely, early 2020. Almost like a documentary. But they focused on online conversations, largely restricting the characters to the cameras in front of their computers. A British family is walking along a frigid beach, treating a fall vacation like its a restaurant entree everyone wants to send back to the kitchen. Mainstream News. He was pointing to the woman policing coronavirus guidelines, who, it turned out, was squeezing sanitizer into the hands of a scrum of people. She very much feels like part of the family, having been friends with Amy since childhood. (Image credit: BBC) BBC One Trailers Clips Trailer: Ten Pound Poms. And uncle Robin is just Uncle Robin. [13], The show being filmed from the perspective of the Jessops' teenage son, Sam, and his handheld camera, meant that the scene at the end of the pilot involving the crashing of the family's car off a cliff onto the beach below would only have one take available, and "required incredibly detailed planning for weeks before". I fear I'm more like Paul than Rachel in my own marriage Rachel is more stoic and lusty than me, but I share her rage! The BBC synopsis states: "2020 has been an absolute nightmare for the Jessop family (amongst others). Processions, ancient rituals, a fly-past and the crowning moment - the key stages of King Charles III's coronation. She's also from Liverpool like me. Here We Go is a 2022 British sitcom created and written by Tom Basden for the BBC, starring Jim Howick, Katherine Parkinson, Alison Steadman and Tori Allen-Martin alongside Basden. The latest updates, reviews and unmissable series to watch and more! Get all the latest news and information in your inbox, with our range of email newsletters to meet all interests. My aim was to make something that felt real and recognisable, so I hope its got the tone of sitcom classics like The Office or Outnumbered, with some of the warmth of Gavin And Stacey, and even though it looks pretty different, something like The Simpsons. Can you talk about how Pandemonium is filmed? The BBC have not released a trailer for Pandemonium, but we will keep this page updated as soon as one is revealed. Was there a standout moment during filming? After the last one, the show officially wrapped, and the cast and crew whooped, celebrated and congratulated each other. It was great to be playing a Liverpool character though, Ive rarely done that. Can you talk about your character Paul? The IT Crowd's Katherine Parkinson and Ghosts star Jim Howick lead as married couple Rachel and Paul. The latest updates, reviews and unmissable series to watch and more! The last three days were shot in Margate with the actors staying at a hotel where all the indoor common space was closed off. Where have I seen Tom Basden before? Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd) and Jim Howick (Ghosts, Horrible Histories) play married couple Rachel and Paul respectively. The other members of the family are very nice and very good too. The family plan to head off to Jungle World adventure park, however, the day is besieged with setbacks. Writer Tom Basden (Plebs, After Life) appears as Rachels brother, Robin Hankey. How do you relate to the Jessop family and your character Rachel? Robin, Mr. Basdens character, is jilted by a woman who leaves him for her personal trainer. A bit like lockdown, we joke. My most memorable moment was jumping in the freezing Margate sea. It was so fun and VERY hard to keep a straight face. Pandemonium 2020 has been an absolute nightmare for the Jessop family. I think its amazing how this show has created a great show with a really positive and uplifting energy, amazing writing and vibrant characters - out of what has been such a difficult and trying year. Rev. This was especially apparent when the BBC aired Pandemonium, the comedy pilot that later developed into Here We Go, a six-part series that is currently available to watch in its entirety on BBC iPlayer. Leather is extremely difficult to fold, you realize.. Image shows left to right: Maisie Adam, Sophie Duker, Catherine Bohart, Olga Koch, Tom Rosenthal. Tess is a senior writer for Whats On TV, TV Times, TV & Satellite and She's been writing about TV for over 25 years and worked on some of the UKs biggest and best-selling publications including the Daily Mirror where she was assistant editor on the weekend TV magazine, The Look, and Closer magazine where she was TV editor. It's a nod to this unforgettable (for all the wrong reasons) year that we've all been through in the most lighthearted, relatable, authentic, hilarious way. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. It featured an ordinary family. The BBC was taking a risk with Pandemonium, its first sitcom set during the pandemic. The Jessop family are taking their post-lockdown "summer holiday" a little later than usual, as they head to a chilly Margate in the BBC festive special Pandemonium. I sat in my bedroom and put my iPhone on a tripod and my girlfriend read the other character, said Jack Christou, who plays Ben, the Jessups son and budding videographer. Paul is an ex Olympic archer at a loose end because his archery school has closed due to Covid. Last year, Monty Python turned 50, and the surviving cast members did 10 sold-out shows at the O2 Arena. I think the director was trying to channel the spirit of Ken Russell while he was making this film. Duration: 00:27 Trailer: Our Planet Now . Theres a lot of risk and a lot of failure when it comes to comedy, said Mr. Allen. He's also lazy! [7], The show's pilot, Pandemonium, was confirmed as part of the announcement of the BBC's 2020 Christmas slate of programming in November 2020,[11][12] having been commissioned earlier that autumn. He made the Olympic team archery team which is amazing but he only came 9th in the competition. They were hoping to temporarily forget worries about money, romantic frustrations (Rachel had insisted on packing her leathers) and the desperate efforts of daughter Amy (Freya Parks) to keep alive her long-distance relationship with girlfriend Maya (Mica Ricketts). At the start of the year hes manically excited about his upcoming wedding to Cherry, but then in October hes miserable and self-destructive after the wedding plans change. Freya Parks (Bliss!) The first episode will air onFriday, April 29 at 8.30pm on BBC One. Where have I seen Tori Allen-Martin before? The idea was to write a comedy about a family that was filmed entirely by the son sometimes surreptitiously, usually not with his video camera, a GoPro camera and a drone he bought himself. He's dad to teenagers Amy and Sam. Us Brits are good at laughing at ourselves and Pandemonium allows us to do that to this messy year. Robin and Cherry's salsa classes get off to an underwhelming start, while Sue's surprise 'gift' of a pool provides both entertainment and horror. 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