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Should you experience any problems using this service in the first instance you should contact our customer services team via telephone on 01205 314200 during office hours. We do not receive any income from the sale of compost, we only collect it as the Waste Collection Authority. In view of this please ensure that any garden waste is loose in your bin and not overly compact, that you do not overfill it and that is not overweight. Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR. At our discretion we will replace your bin free of charge for only one occasion. The incomewill reduce the costs of running the service, and may eventually make the service self-financing, which, in turn, will help to protect essential services. We may change your collection day at any time. Unfortunately we cannot give a refund to someone else without satisfying the necessary legal requirements. If you die during the period you have paid for the service, then a refund for the annual service charge will be made to your estate, or to an individual who has been granted probate. We will not be responsible for cleaning any bins at any time during or after collection in any circumstances. We'd also like to set optional analytics cookies to enable us to analyseuse of our products and services using Google Analytics in order to help us improve it. Your garden waste collections will then resume 19 February 2024 until 31 March 2024. If we miss your bin, please report it to us on 01205 314200. Borough and Parish Elections are to take place across the Borough of Boston on Thursday 4 May 2023. On 1 April the single new council for North Yorkshire launched replacing Scarborough Borough Council and other local authorites in North Yorkshire. While we finish building this new website, we're keeping some online application forms on our old council websites. Search Please do not add any extra characters or digits as this may prevent us from allocating your payment correctly. Victoria Road A sticker is required to show our crews that you have purchased the service, our crews will not collect any brown bins which do not display a valid sticker. On these occasions, we will ask you to free up the waste to make sure it is all loose and then present the bin at your next collection. You'll need to subscribe to receive garden waste (brown bin) collections. It is our practice to regularly assess levels of service take-up and cost-recovery, with a further review scheduled next year. It is a common concern that fly-tipping will increase as a result of the introduction of charges for garden waste collections. Our my account system was replaced in October 2022. The compost produced from your garden waste is sold by the end processor and has a variety of uses in the horticultural and agricultural sectors. Please present your bins at the kerbside with the handles facing outwards on the night before your collection, or by the latest 5.30am on the morning of your collection. At 40, the North Kesteven Garden Waste Collection Service continues to be good value for money. Here, weanswer somecommonlyasked questions about the new Garden Waste Subscription Service. For those customers concerned about stickers being passed on to non-subscribers, our in-cab systems will show the correct amount of services for each property and we have a log of those customers that have received extra service stickers.. Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR. If your bin(s) is not presented by 5.30am, then our crews will record this on their in- cab terminals as 'not out'. One of the ten lucky winners will also win a 'Lincolnshire Hamper' up to the value of 45.00. No, garden waste must be contained in the brown bins with the lid firmly closed. Sign up and pay via a one-off online card payment. (PDF) There is a charge towards the cost of the purchase of the replacement bin, the administration and delivery of the bin. Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge and shrub trimmings, weeds and plants can all go in the brown bin. Residents can sign up from 1st March 2023, either on-line, over the telephone on (01429) 523333or in person at the Civic Centre. If your bin is damaged, email us to report it at or call us on 01205 314200. To find your Councillor or to view minutes, meetings and agendas please visit the North Yorkshire Council website. Revenues & Benefits Telephone - 01205 314202. If you want to create a new account you can use our help page to guide you. Regardless of the above, you decided that in April 2016 you would put a yearly 30 charge in place for residents to have their garden waste brown bins emptied. No, but you can transfer your subscription to your new property. A recollection for any missed collections may be made where possible, however, these are not guaranteed if the reason for the suspended service is outside of our control. Boston Market UK is again this year joining other markets across the country taking part in Love Your Local Market. If you pay for more than one bin to be serviced, you will need to apply a sticker to each bin. South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, Garden Waste Service 2023/24 - Terms and Conditions. Bidding Prospectus and Expression of interest now available. The chargewill commence in April 2023, and we will begin to take payment from residents who wish to participate in the scheme in advance of this date. South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership. You will pay the Council an amount of 45 for a first bin of garden waste collected and 20 for each additional bin. Bidding Prospectus and Expression of interest now available. We'd also like to set optional analytics cookies to enable us to analyseuse of our products and services using Google Analytics in order to help us improve it. Enter your postcode and click 'Find further information' to pay for our garden waste service. Collections may be suspended, such as in severe weather, without notice or compensation. This includes the introduction of an annual 32 charge for brown bin collections, bringing the Council in line with many other local authorities. Your garden waste (brown) bin won't be emptied until the correct year's sticker is displayed. Customers who have received multiple yellow stickers will only be charged for the service they have requested. Collection charge. We are currently working on introducing a new payment system to make it more accessible and efficient for our customers. If you have received a Boston Borough Council invoice, and the Invoice reference number starts with a letter, for example W,B,R,L, then please can you use the 'All Other Council Invoices' link to make your payment and follow the on-screen instructions. You willreceive a written response, giving you the decision made and the reasons for that decision. If your bin is damaged, email us to report it at or contact us on 01205 314200. Full terms and conditions can be found here. The competition is not open to employees or members of Boston Borough Council or their immediate families. If you subscribe part way through the year the full charge will still apply. Things that you can put in your brown bin are: Cut flowers. We ask that if you regularly generate more garden waste than your bin(s) can cope with, then you might want to consider purchasing another bin. You can report a missed bin by emailing or calling 01205 314200. Only householders that have subscribed will have their brown bins emptied from April 2023. Car parking season tickets. Talk of waste! Updates to your garden waste service will be publicised on the Boston Borough Council website, social media and the local press. Direct Debit. If a green bin is found to contain garden waste, it will be rejected and will not be emptied. You will need your Council Tax account reference number when you call. To sign up for garden waste collections, you first need to buy a brown bin. Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR. You can pay by card now. You must attach the sticker we send to you to the back of your bin(s), please follow the instructions on the sticker. The Council will randomly select 10 customers and oneof those 10 customers will also receive a 'Lincolnshire Hamper' up to the value of 45. Collections will be every alternate week throughout April 2023 until March 2024 with a break during the winter period. Bins need to meet specific standards and be of a quality and type suitable for our bin lifts to empty them safely. This is an opt-in service, so you only pay if you wish to use it. Search fees. No. If waste is detected, the system will automatically re-lift the bin and shake it a number of times to try and empty all the waste. All of your personal and card details are protected using 256 bit encryption, when transmitted over the internet. You'll need to pay 55 to renew your garden waste subscription. Our crews will check bins which they suspect may have garden waste, they will do this by observing bags or loose garden waste, particularly at the bottom or middle of the bin. Anyone found to be fraudulently abusing the garden waste service will be removed from the service and their bin/s removed from their property. No, there is a strict ban on garden waste in the green bin. Use this form to pay your brown bin collection charge. (opens new window) The environmental benefit of undertaking year-round collections would be outweighed by the fuel used by the vehicle, given the small amount of garden waste that would be collected. Your sticker(s) may take up to 10 working days to arrive. There are no refunds after this period. Sign up and pay via a one-off online card payment. Capita Software Services' online payment management solutions are independently and rigorously security assessed, and are certified by Visa and MasterCard as a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 payment processor. We will contact you using the information you have given in your application and will then make a payment to the value of 45. Pleasecontact us on 01429523333. Our collection crews are instructed to only collect brown bins which display a valid garden waste sticker. If you decide to purchase the service part way through the year, the cost will still be 45 for the collection of one bin and 20 for each addition bin, with payment being due again the following February. Borough and Parish Elections are to take place across the Borough of Boston on Thursday 4 May 2023. Please note that stickers are non-transferrable, and crews make checks to ensure that only properties who have paid for the service receive a collection. We will need one of the properties to register and make payment and this will be the property we will communicate with. If you sign up part way through the season, you will still be charged the same fee. Options are available which allow you to pay by weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly instalments. Collection of first bin - 40.00. This will make sure your payment credits your Council Tax Account. Regardless of the above, you decided that in April 2016 you would put a yearly 30 charge in place for residents to have their garden waste brown bins emptied. Green-fingered residents pay 30 a year to have their bins collected and in order for refuse collectors to identify those who have paid they are issued with stickers to place on the bins. Click below to find out more about the help available from the Council and other organisations. It is for these reasons that we the residents of Boston and surrounding areas covered by the borough council, request that the brown bin yearly emptying paymentof 30is scrapped. We will also not be able to replace any bins which we damage if you buy your own bin. If you don't have a large garden, an alternative way to deal with your garden waste is home composting. Winners will be announced shortly after this date. This information is needed to ensure your bin is serviced and our crews return your bin to the right property. You should notify us as soon as you have moved so that we can update our records and arrange to collect your bin(s) at your new address. 34 for an additional bin. Boston Borough Council may also use your information for other lawful purposes such as to prevent fraud. Here you can pay online for some council services including: Before using this service please ensure that you have your account or invoice reference to hand along with your correct payment amount. Please allow a minimum of two working days for your payment to be processed. Please contact us on 01429 523333 to inform us of your new address. You will receive an automated email notification to confirm this to the email you supplied us with when signing up to the service via direct debit. Capita Pay360 are now sending email receipts from a different address. No refund will be given for this. Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR. Borough and Parish Elections are to take place across the Borough of Boston on Thursday 4 May 2023. Wastes not accepted for collection in your brown bin(s) include food waste, animal waste, soil (including large quantities of soil attached to plant roots), household waste and bricks/rubble. You should notify us by email at or by calling 01205 314200. Hedge clippings. Allow five working days for your payment to reach us. Unfortunately not, all garden waste needs to be put loose in the brown bin purchased from Boston Borough Council. If subsequent bins are paid for, they will be charged at 20 per bin. These optional cookies won't be set unless you enable them. It was said by a member of staff at Boston Borough Council during a telephone call to a resident in Boston on 8th April 2016, that only 2000 people in the borough had been polled in . If you pay by debit or credit card, you must renew the service every year. Welcome to the Boston Council 24 hour secure Internet payments service. If you do not have access to the internet, you can also call us on 01205 314200 and pay over the phone with our customer service team. We also recommend you write your house number / house name on the front of the bin, this allows our CCTV to see your bin being emptied and helps deal with enquiries relating to damage or missed collections. You may need to register for an online account. Housing benefit overpayments. Fallen fruit (windfalls) Grass cuttings. What a waste of money also.. Fine I stuck the sticker on my bin and acknowledged the recite. Yes, if you are registered on our system as an Assisted Collection customer, our crews will know to collect your brown bin(s) at the agreed collection point. Welcome to Boston Borough's Waste and Recycling page We hope you will find all the information you need on Waste and Recycling in the Boston Borough area here. Grass cuttings, leaves, hedge and shrub trimmings, weeds and plants can all go in the brown bin. Simply hand your bill to the cashier with your payment. Our website uses necessary cookies to assist with your use and navigation of the site. It is not an acceptable alternative and we will take enforcement action against anyone caught doing it. Please contact us for further information. Be a greener gardener and recycle your trimmings, cuttings, leaves and weeds using our garden waste collection service. We won't move your brown garden waste bin for you. If you move you should take your brown bin with you. At that time, we asked for a one-off payment to cover the cost of purchasing a brown bin.". We have worked hard to ensure that the costs of the service are as low as possible so that we can provide you with an alternative, efficient and effective way of disposing of your garden waste. Boston Borough Council green waste stickers. It is not permitted to share more than one bin between properties, e.g. If you decide to join the scheme at a later date and require a replacement bin then there will be a charge. You need to pay by the 24 February 2023 to receive the full amount of collections. As part of this process, we have had to temporarily suspend the direct debit system. [793KB] The scheme was very successful with over 15,500 households taking part. UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Garden waste service. You can do this online by visiting or by calling us on 01205 314200. You will pay the Council an amount of 45 for a first bin of garden waste collected . You will need to contact us for a replacement bin by calling 01429523333. Therefore, we are advising that these folders should be checked and the addresses should be added in your mail applications as a 'safe sender', if you do not get your receipt as quickly as usual, before you contact our Offices. On your sticker within the blank space provided, you must write with a permanent marker pen, your house number or house name, street name and postcode. No refund will be given. If payment is not made by the date due for any reason, we will withdraw your service. Our vehicles are equipped with CCTV monitoring equipment, which can be used to confirm whether a bin was presented in time. Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, a standard supported by most major internet browsers. If you wish to make a complaint about the service, you should contact us via email at or via telephone on 01205 314200 or by completing the online form by visiting Green-fingered residents pay 30 a year to have their bins collected and in order for refuse collectors to identify those who have paid they are issued with stickers to place on the bins. Other bin queries. Yes please grass cuttings, weeds and dead plants, twigs and small branches, hedge clippings, cut flowers and house plants, shrub prunings, leaves and the contents of hanging baskets. The refund will be pro-rata from the next whole month after the date of your death. For example: If you are unhappy with the way you have been charged or do not feel you have received a satisfactory answer to a previous enquiry, you should write to us with all the relevant details, so we have the opportunity to reconsider the case. to have more than one bin at a property for the purposes of sharing bins with other properties to avoid the first bin 45 registration charge. If you already receive helpin the way of assisted collections, you will automatically get help with your garden waste bin when you subscribe. If you are new to the scheme for 2023, you can sign up online through card payment now where you can also purchase a new brown bin at the cost of 40. These are private arrangements and we are unable to be involved in this. Once you have signed up to our service, you will automatically be entered into the prize draw. Boston Borough is set to benefit from 2.62million of new funding through UKSPF and REPF. If your bin becomes damaged by us as a result of our neglect or incorrect handling or by defective equipment, we will either repair it or replace it free of charge as soon as is reasonably practical. There will be notifications of how to (re)join the scheme through social media, the local press and our website. The garden waste must not be placed in plastic bags or any other sort of packaging as this affects the composting process and reduces the quality of the compost. Customers will automatically be entered into this prize draw when payment has been made. To check your bin collection dates for Boston, visit the Boston Borough Council website. Referencing the 2013/14 annual budget report, the Head of Environmental Operations drew members' attention to the new charge for replacement 240L bins as being 25.00 per bin. A full explanation of your rights and our obligations are available on our website at You will only have a new my account if you have set this up since then. If your missed collection is our fault then we will always make an effort to collect your bin as soon as possible. Direct Debit is simple, convenient and a secure way to pay. Garden waste must not be bagged, it should be placed loosely into your brown bin. Email Us - If you move to another address in the Boston Borough area, you can take your brown bin(s) with you. We may choose to check the vehicles on-board CCTV system to identify what went wrong. The bill will be returned to you with a receipt for your payment. The charge to receive the garden waste service is 45 per annum for the first bin and 20 per annum for a second and any subsequent bins. Bin charges:New and/or replacement bins will be charged at 40 each. South & East Lincolnshire Councils Partnership, David Medlock granted Freedom of Boston Borough at ceremony, Celebrate your local market with 'Love Your Local Market'. laney keyes neah bay, how to make asparagus crispy not soggy,

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