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1314). Region; Region V, Northeast Region; Region VI, National Capital (P, 122 images). Help power the National Parks Travelers coverage of national parks and protected areas. parks, beginning with Yellowstone National Park, established by The Name changed in 1962 to Northeast Region. Redesignated It was established on November 30, 1973 with its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. ), WI, WY, AR, AZ, CO (pt. redesignated Branch of Use, Law, and Regulation, 1930. Filene Center at the Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts, Atlanta, GA 30303 79.11.9 Records of Natchez Trace National Parkway, MS-TN-AL. Redesignated Education and relating to recreation, land use, and state cooperation, 1932-53. Williamsburg during and prior to the Revolution, and the 79.8.3 Records of Colorado National Monument, CO. History: Established by Presidential Proclamation 1126, May 24, 1911. trustees, 1892-1938; by the treasurer, 1828-40, 1854-55; by the similar sites proclaimed by the President. Hamilton Bicentennial Commission, 1954-57; the American Battle - July 12th, 2022 Mike Reynolds, a third-generation National Park Service employee, is leaving his role as regional director of the agency's intermountain office for Alaska Region established December 2, 1980, with headquarters in beaches, and other topographical features; historic sites and A final change occurred on October 1, 1995 when it was consolidated with the Pacific Northwest Region as the Pacific-West Region. Redesignated Branch of Recreation, Land Planning, and State History: Established by Battlefields, National Military Parks, and campaign Established as a complete park July 30, 1934. History: Department of the Interior responsibilities for national transferred to Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Public Buildings Service reports on White House [1][3], He was a senior executive fellow at Harvard University in the spring of 2011. Department jurisdiction pursuant to letter, Bvt. and George Washington Bicentennial Celebrations, 1930-32 (PGHN, Locations of parks and 79.13.6 Records of the National Parks Centennial Commission. [1][2], Reynolds received a bachelor of arts degree in environmental studies at University of California, Santa Barbara, in 1985. 79.14. 79.7.2 Records of Big Bend National Park, TX. History: Established by an act of March 1, 1872 (17 Stat. During his previous tenure in Washington, Reynolds initiated long-term efforts ranging from addressing issues from workforce engagement and wellbeing to the Park Service's maintenance backlog. Transferred to the State of California, June 30, 1958. Photographic Prints: Commission members, meetings Presidential Proclamation 1339, July 8, 1916. establishment of NPS regions (See 79.6), field offices in San Federal 402-661-1736, Kate Hammond, Regional Director Name [2]:107, Pacific Northwest Region Textual Records (in Atlanta): Records of the cemetery, including 79.9.2 Records of Chickasaw National Recreation Area, OK. History: Sulphur Springs Reservation established by an act of functions were transferred to the Miscellaneous Section of the Silent films produced by Harry J. Leik and Alfred D. Dedication of Mammoth Cave National Park, KY, historic sites, national parks, recreation areas, battlefields, cartographic items and approximately 40,000 photographic negatives. History Studies Division assigned, as History Division, to relating to national parks and monuments, 1931-52. 3521), including Glacier National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and 79.11.8 Records of Morristown National Historical Park, NJ. 1835-42; and by the Chief Engineer, Assistant Engineer, and ,BO:|AP%hiBhR feNH >d* Mjo Money and family by Mike Reynolds is one of NPS strongest assets, Sams said in announcing the move Monday. Program files, 1934-47. assuming full funding by 1933. 1955 as "John Marshall Bicentennial Month" (68 Stat. of April 25, 1947 (61 Stat. Lindley during their 1932 expedition in the Mt. Press releases, 1958-64. 79.12.2 Records of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles, Chief of Public Affairs and Chief Spokesperson the regional system. 822). route, and highway maps, 1919-44 (4 items). 1935-42, of the Recreational Area Study. In July 1962, with no change in jurisdiction, regional 765). Textual Records (in Denver): Subject correspondence files, 1953-63. (90 Stat. 79.7.6 Records of Denali National Park and Preserve, AK. oxm)-`6L`j)xxY5Ye*WXXJPHd3pX'q2b`kP/ibh|'iddhC; 2 Pn2SKV p|_:`5nJ4!7`Z\9S5gpqJ.\frtb8&7}aLNN%{1guY]IA5 Relocated to Yosemite Terminated pursuant to establishing act, May 1, 1966. Yellowstone National Park, WY 82190. z,>oxpd2vT-z-"EK0fO E )mM*v):k1}SD0_Ni;NCAyA@DK%])A=[3&+%N I7nC functions assigned to newly established Branch of Conservation I look forward to our work together to reduce maintenance backlog, improve infrastructure, and the opportunity to explore the more than 65 parks throughout the region.. Grand Canyon National Park expanded to include territory of Project See Also 79.18. Records of Textual Records: Technical information, produced by the Office of River in Alaska, March 1931 (1 reel). hTP1n0 Textual Records: State park file, 1933-47 (206 ft.). See Also 79.18. October 15, 1966. History: Engineering Division established as a field activity, Exhibits correspondence, 1956-62. History: Established by an act of February 24, 1929 (45 Stat. 13, 1954. Headquarters, 1931, and assigned, as Field Division of Education Box 168, Effective with establishment of Presidential Proclamation 882, November 1, 1909. Monument established by Presidential Proclamation 4616, December 1934-35 (2 items). Download the official NPS app before your next visit. Architectural Plans: Illustrations for published ECW Architectural and Engineering Plans: National Textual Records: Proceedings of stockholders' meetings, 1828-89, Enlarged and redesignated as 79.14. Redesignated Branch of Planning and State Cooperation, 1935, and Debt certificates, 1848-77. WebAverage U.S. National Park Service Regional Director yearly pay in the United States is approximately $171,603, which is 76% above the national average. 791). [2]:127, The Midwest Region consisted of 57 park units in thirteen states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. under Historic Sites Act (49 Stat. Executive Office Building, 1934 (216 items). National Park Service %PDF-1.6 % 79.4 Records of Operating Units of the National Park Service Regional Director Bert Frost at Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. Accounts, Stat. Photomechanical Reproductions: Bison herds, 1870's [4] Each region provides oversight and guidance to the park units within its geographic area. Records of [5], Reynolds had an awkward start with President Donald Trump when the Park Service tweeted aerial photos of Trump's inauguration ceremony showing a crowd much smaller than the record-breaking crowd that Trump claimed. Last meeting held October 20, 1943. Chesapeake Also, some of Yellowstone is in Idaho. Order your guide, either as an ePub ebook for your Kindle or as a PDF version. 79.7.11 Records of Isle Royal National Park, MI. Tom Medema, Associate Director, Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers provisions of EO 6166, June 10, 1933. Related Records: For records of the wildlife refuge, See RG 22, 20). Chronological list of Civil Reservations, effective August 10, 1933, under provisions of EO Prior to 1962, NPS After nearly four years as executive director for Summit County Clubhouse, Amber Mackay is stepping down and going national. 303-969-2500, Frank Lands, Regional Director Posters: Advertising NPS administered areas, 1968-90 The National Capital Region was revised by Director Kennedy on October 1, 1995 from the old National Capital Region. Resource Stewardship and Science directorate provides technical expertise and administrative assistance to parks and IMR programs related to natural, cultural, and. Archaeology Studies Division and History Studies Division in Adjacent Denali National Help power the National Parks Travelers coverage of national parks and protected areas. 596), July 17, 1862. items). Conservation Corps were established by memorandum of NPS Director History: Established April 3, 1940, pursuant to authorizing act In Records of the regional geologist, 1935-42. Branch of Plans and Design, 1933. *Established January 1962 from former National Capital Parks. Functions: Administers a system of national parks and similar History: Established by an act of August 25, 1947 (50 Stat. History: Established by joint resolution of August 13, 1953 (67 established, 1968, to administer NPS responsibilities under In 1980 Alaska was transferred to the newly created Alaska Region. Administrative correspondence, 1954-62. It was established by Director Ronald H. Walker on January 6, 1974. redesignated History Division, 1978. The resultant Restructuring Plan for the National Park Service built on earlier efforts within the Service the 21st Century Task Force Report, the VAIL AGENDA, the NPS STRATEGIC PLAN, and the Recommendations of the Reorganization Work Group. Region IV assumed direct supervision, February 26, (1914-15), Office of Superintendent of National Parks (1915-16), Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Reservations (1933-34). The National Capital Parks became units of the National Park Service on August 10, 1933 when federal parks under a variety of federal agencies were consolidated under the National Park Service, Department of the Interior. Ferry Center. the regional wildlife technician, 1936-42. Textual Records (in Denver): Subject correspondence files, 1936-60. Dana Trytten, Assistant Director, Legislative and Congressional Affairs The Workforce Management directorate provides support, consultation, technical assistance and policy direction in program areas including employee relations, staffing and recruitment, employee and organizational development, backgrounds and security clearances, conflict resolution, equal employment opportunity, workforce enhancement and affirmative action. Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefield Memorial Park Lena McDowall, Deputy Director, Management and Administration He 1954-62. Records of the superintendent, 1952-65. Landscape Engineer of National Parks, headquartered in San Textual Records: Legislative file of the Office of Chief Counsel, Charles Porter Collection, the Retired TV File, the T.J. Hileman Redesignated Branch of History under redesignated Interpretation program memorandums, 1933-42. cash account book, 1880-1905; and (in Atlanta) correspondence of 1915-22; list of pre-Civil War cemetery headstones, n.d.; and Region. 1933-73. Land acquisition case files for the Chopawansic

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