venus sextile jupiter transit

Therefore, these are times when you tend to attract people to you, and you feel more open and expansive. They are loved and are dynamic in socializing. Jupiter thus expands your love sector during this time and increases your opportunities for romance. It is very favorable for you to relax and take vacations, as well as to soften all the conflicts you have with others and with your partner or spouse. Its not so much that youll have to force yourself to ignore the negativity thats happening around, its just that the good things will intensely outweigh the bad things without you having to do anything. This is how it feels. We don't collect your IP address. Due to start Saturn square Pluto as well. Interesting that Mars square Neptune is only a day earlier & as Venus transits last up to a day on each side but stronger leading to it, this is an interesting mix of things.. What would you say is the influence stronger? I did. Your relational exchanges with others during this time will seed new ideas and insights for you to further develop within your own work. If happiness is to be achieved, balance and responsibility should come first. While this aspect suggests tenderness, affection, and caring, you are also highly passionate and sexual, even lewd sometimes. If lord of the 8th, on rare occasions, this indicates benefits through inheritance. Avoid excessive pleasures, drinks, meals and unnecessary financial expenses. Venus sextile Jupiter natal makes you a warm, generous and loving person. One's need to survive is polarized from one's impetus for expansion, the quest for meaning, or experimenting with life. I do have this aspect natally and the description relates to me quite well. When the Venus trine Jupiter transit takes place, we should take advantage of all that is happening to us and try new things. Do not let pluto and saturn impress you. Remember also that Mercury is slowing down and about to turn around in that immediate vicinity. Perhaps this is the right time to discuss legal matters, or to set the date of a wedding. This is a time to enjoy the benefits of the good karma accrued from your previous good deeds and hard work. Being so cheerful and charming, your social life will also be an essential part of your life. I always let it go. It is one of the best days to relax and take things easy. It is an excellent time to have dealings with lawyers. You enjoy embodying your interests through your aesthetics and personal style, and can synthesize whatever systems of knowledge you are exploring through your creative expression. Conjunction Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Pisces (me). Saturn-Pluto in transit have both been squaring my natal Mars-Saturn Pluto stellium, opposing my North Node at 21 Capricorn and I am barely alive after the last decade. You may have a talent for art, music or poetry or manifest these qualities as the pure enjoyment of beauty, amusement, and relaxation. We don't collect your IP address. If Jupiter is lord of your first house, you are likely to be very self indulgent during this period and end up gaining some weight as a result. That is due to the weakness of this aspect in your chart at 8 degrees orb. I guess time will tell. These can make you quite lazy since you feel good and you do not feel any urgency to be productive like at other times. Nearly every time I close my eyes I have visions but rarely anything like yours. When transiting Jupiter is sextile your natal Venus: This transit brings opportunities to expand your social life. Once again balance and finding the middle ground is crucial. can natal saturn limit the positive things? In the process, 3 of top soil and grass has been carefully removed from a clay underlay, and landscaped into areas where grass will flourish better without vehicles running over it, creating the swampy conditions. With Venus Jupiter meaning lots of love then perhaps you have some activity coming up in your love life. You need excitement and you surround yourself with pleasures, so you must maintain self-control and moderation. August 17, 2026 Venus Opposite Jupiter Natal and Transit Venus opposite Jupiter natal gives a happy and loving personality with good looks to match. In general, this sextile brings dynamism, action, and energy, making people who have it in their natal charts, to be constantly on the move, continuously changing, and discovering, but what is not immediately visible is the fact that this aspect actually teaches them to find the middle ground in everything they do. New investments usually fare well. A psychic also told me that I put a lot more into the relationship and he took a lot out. Popularity and social success are likely and you should have no problems making friends or finding a partner. You may be feeling more sentimental than usual. Venus conjunct Jupiter natal mirrors what this alignment looks like in the sky, beautiful and adorable. While they enjoy the carefree lifestyle, they can also engage in matters of more seriousness, such as teaching others, reading up on the great philosophers of the world or even immersing themselves in law or writing. You must act with moderation in everything you do, and do not take anything for granted, love, money or anything else. Do you think thatll have an effect on my career? So lately Ive been contemplating my self worth and how it has always been difficult for me to connect to it. antiscion, of the two hybrid signs: Sagittarius half man, half horse, and Capricorn, the sea goat. Thanks, I might purchase it at some point in the future, just to use on my chart like a diary. Again, youre already on the right path. If lord of the 11th, social connections made now have the potential to further your career goals. Well Venus conjunct Jupiter is as good as any for a question about love. They, in fact, manage to turn the bad things that happen to them into something that will actually be an initial core for them later in life, rather than remembering those bad things and thus contaminating their memories and making their life a living misery. I am looking at this really hard. It is a favorable time for romantic getaways such as taking a trip on a cruise line or visiting a secluded south pacific island. As Venus rules money as well as love, likely, you will not have to struggle, like most others, to attain a life of comfort or even luxury. You are a brave person. Trust comes more easily now. I confronted her with the behaviour and said no. Manganese (Jupiter) and Copper (Venus) have showed up in higher concentrations in the well water this Autumn. It was an intereating question. Also the Venus is opposite the plutoat 16 leo. It is a good time to ask for a raise from your employer. You will have luck in financial affairs, and you may receive some very positive offer. Ive had enough people trying to shame me for what has been a brutal journey to standing up for my right to be treated with respect.). Financially, you can make beneficial investments, or opportunities can arise that will provide long-term benefits. I cannot say for positive but it increases your chances. As for the Jupiter part of the transit? January 4, 2023 When this transit is active, you should be very happy since this is, as we have said, very harmonious. Even introverted people will have a more open attitude during these days. Uranus is really complicating my life as its also making an oposition to natal mars (ruler of MC) today! Could be change in career or where you live (IC): You enjoy not only cultivating your own contentment but also bringing joy to those you care about. You find life to be more pleasurable, and try to have more fun. You may want to acquire new material goods as well. I and you have had 5 opposition passes of Pluto and 30 Dec 2019 equals Saturn opposition, just one then its gone. Venus quincunx Neptune and Venus square Pluto are both under one degree orb. They are constant and in a balanced connection, but it only delivers a good chance, a chance to accomplish anything if you put in the hard work. Very straight forward astrology! You are not a nit-picking clean freak, but enjoy beauty in all its forms. But even after that, the September 1 solar eclipse on your Moon is not too bad. She is an experienced practitioner who aims to make her work available to as many people as possible. I feel like it/they would be holding me back and I dont want them holding onto me. Even the most rock-solid of monogamous relationships will require that you spend more time exploring what's out in the world, either together . Ella, sounds like you have some astrological energy undermining the Venus-Jupiter conjunction. This easy energy can also cause you to temporarily lose interest in work. The text below is the interpretation of Jupiter transits sextile Venus. I just left on a plane to hang out with my best friend while legal proceedings of outstanding divorce settlement will be negotiated. This is one of the best aspects because it brings popularity, good fortune, and true love. BagatelleBoutique, on Etsy. You are fun to be around and should enjoy popularity. I have this in a triple conjunction with Rahu does it distort things? This transit might bring a new relationship or an improvement to an existing relationship. They often here me talking when I am zoning out. This means that they love to leave a mark on the world, in whatever way they can. May 23, 2024 This is a time for joyful and exciting moments to happen, so take all the bad stuff thats been happening to you recently and just throw it out the window. And then Saturn. Also havinv a Chiron return and Tr Uranus/Mars conjunct my natal moon, definitely shows up the non support aka backstabbing from the immediate females in my family. From what you described, you are getting ready to take a running leap off a cliff, and soar towards your North Node destiny. This Appulse/Conjunction is occurring within one degree of my IC (28VIR) I have been feeling the first stirrings of this energy over the last couple of days (Hearing beautiful music during meditation, having visions of a gently and harmoniously moving sacred geometry configuration over my head.) Venus conjunct Jupiter transit portends love and money, harmony, and happiness. Jupiter transits to your natal Venus represent periods of peace and a desire to be happy. You're warm and affectionate and have a great interest in their welfare, especially those who you feel close to. Yes of course, the transit means that plus Midheaven conjunct fixed stars Altair is a bonus. These are also times that attract pleasure and money, but sometimes it means that you have many expenses while also daring to be generous or self-indulgent. Their work is usually partially connected to the process of investigation, and they love implementing some changes in the fields of medicine and science, which will visibly change their attitude towards life and its further organization. is my birthday8-27-1963.jupiter VENUS conjunct today.any change in my JOBlife path. Beware of eating excessively rich meals or drinking too much. 21 May 2016 It is quite exciting to see how my story unfolds this year. April 30, 2022 Solar Eclipse April 20, 2023 Crisis of Confidence,, Saturn Sextile Midheaven Natal and Transit, Mercury Retrograde April 21, 2023 Psychic Talent, Saturn Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit. Although, it could be that you spend excessively, or that you have problems because of lack of moderation with eating or drinking. Thanks again, great site btw, regards Dan. I wonder if things had been different had it been on your Vertex? Ive still got a lot of business expenses at the moment, so cant make any big purchases. One lover here, the Jupiter lover, is the one that observes the world and the people around him very differently. The transit of Jupiter conjunct your natal Venus softens any difficulties you may have in all your relationships, as well as with friendships. If lord of the 10th, you have the opportunity to advance through your career or obtain a promotion now. Yet you are also very generous and may not have the strong desire and determination to make the rich list. Also, those who are already in a loving relationship will be able to enjoy many more wonderful moments. Life is beautiful, and you want to surround yourself consistently with beautiful people, places, and things. That is a conclusion that we cannot ever get alone. Im very interested to as I will also have both Jupiter and Saturn opposing my Venus soon at 4 degrees Leo. Will I get a job ? It ensures a pleasant time with friends and loved ones. Your desire to please makes you very expansive and generous, but you must avoid arrogance and superficiality. I would say Venus Jupiter is stronger because: In some cases you can attract money or improve your financial resources. In reality when i look around,my life is a total mess and i would break if i wouldnt have my optimism to keep going. My date is 02 december 1984, and this year has been beyond hard. Its one of the best possible manifestations of a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo. The relationship may feel larger-than-life, especially at first. Venus trine or sextile Moon. Its just important to stay grateful for what you already have and not to become greedy. Also, extra attention should be paid to avoid any exaggeration or excessive anticipation that will arise in many of us. xxxx. Cupid as the union of Venus and Jupiter seems to fit this, but the the eclipsing of the north node for my natal placement makes me attracted to people involved in relationships, or some lusting after fantasy situations, taboo, etc. I have been so busy that I had no time to comment on your excellent posts although I am particularly thinking about this particular one. I have a natal Stellium and a Yod that wreak so much havoc that even the Venus-Jupiter conjunction gift is often dimmed. Going to look up my local time. I know that Aquarius men are one of the most challenging especially at the beginning and act the opposite of how they are feeling inside but then again, he could be indifferent. Remember, they are friends first place, and then everything else. You can also be forgiving and generous so that charity work would appeal to you. Jupiter Sextile Venus Transit You might experience a sharp interest in the arts, perhaps even taking up the study of a creative expression. Everything will be under the cover of very positive energy that will refresh us in this next period. The natal chart is just like the moment you were born, an unchangeable fact. I am probably older than you but my so called friend was not the only person that behaved that way toward me. You just want to get along with people. Venus conjunct Jupiter transit portends love and money, harmony, and happiness. It is a time when a lot of passionate and emotional moments are coming their way, and in some cases, things will go a step further. This position, in reality, awakes love through friendship, and it is very likely that this relationship started as a nice friendship and then turned into something much bigger. Thanks to the planet Jupiter, these energies will still bring a lot of good and beautiful things, even unexpected gains and increases in the financial field. If lord of the 2nd, your financial picture may receive a positive boost temporarily, but often this indicates lack of discretion with spending as well. You feel relaxed, and everything is pleasant in your environment, be it people or circumstances. Thinking about it Jupiter will be trine my MC in September. I ignore him. The living arrangements are no good tho. Last week of November will be an interesting time. Good looks are one of your many blessings, but you are also lovely on the inside. For the first time in many many years in the last few days I feel at peace, I am finally able to sleep and eat normally (my abusive mother also made it impossible to access food or a peaceful environment to sleep this year, behaving very much as abusers do when they feel a victim stand up they will escalate abuse to unheard of levels, the idea being to break you if they cant easily dump their toxicity on you anymore. Venus conjunct Jupiter is a good omen for your social and love life because you attract nice things. What may help you is looking at their charts so you see WHY. The transit of Venus opposite your natal Jupiter gives an excess of self-indulgence and a great desire for pleasure. September 7, 2029, Hi Jamie, I was trying to find an old response of yours to a question posted on your general comments section, it was regarding best time for love in 2016, I think you said it was end of August (my DOB is 22/09/76, 7.30am in UK). This is a great time for weddings, parties, and large social gatherings such as graduation ceremonies. Their strong spirituality also provides them with inspiration that makes them prone toward art. You are able to communicate your feelings and to express your affection, so that you can enjoy more of your romantic, family or friendly relationships. Hard work is also in the picture, but it is not without fruit. For example, for example, in the lives of the people who have this position, they can exaggerate in life in numerous things. This transit can provoke compulsive feelings that interfere with the situation that is occurring, and also provoke the other person negatively. Venus Jupiter: Semi-Sextile. If you've had a vision or dream, like to open your own shop or launch a charitable foundation or organization, then you're likely inspired to work on it now. Marriage may be essential, and you would expect the same loyalty and devotion you give. Ideally, this time should be spent out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. How will be my partner? It is very likely that the world will change, or that will very quickly change will come, as well as some social and political events which can lead us into some new, for many of us, unknown situations. Faye I have Venus 4* in Leo as well. Despite what you may read elsewhere, you are passionate about being the best you can be, making the most of your gifts, and are certainly not lazy. Positive vibes and thinking will flow into your love life . You are friendlier and more charming than usual. I have a friend with Venus in Scorpio, 5 degrees natal. These transits can also indicate legal-romantic issues, such as marriage or similar situations. Everything you do gives you happiness and satisfaction. Jupiter transits to Venus stimulate your desires to share pleasures with significant others and with friends. So, they are very much interested in science and research of any kind, but also in social and political issues, all thanks to Jupiter. It is a time that favors your relationships and people will be more attracted to you than usual. His north node is at 0.19 Aries, but I dont know the exact time he was born. 2008.I once read on astrodienst last year that we Cancerians should look Pluto and Saturn in the eye and do not allow them to impress you!! Its how other people treat you that has the most psychological effect. Im also now reflecting upon my self worth, realising that Ive accepted quite unacceptable behaviour from this friend for a very long time. He wouldnt let me be myself, he was very very controlling. Continue with Recommended Cookies. This sextile, in negative terms, could imply that there is already a disturbed balance, but fortunately, it can be reversed and pulled back. The care-free atmosphere around you along with your positive outlook on life and amazing communication skills will make your financial and business-related endeavors take a fortunate turn, since youll be able to get everybody on your side to help you. Try to act with sincerity and accept others with their limitations, so you will be accepted in the same way. Although everything that I read looks bad. Venus Trine Jupiter Transit You're likely to become aware of fortuitous opportunities for expansion and growth in your relationships, your creative process, or your finances when transiting Venus trines your natal Jupiter. It makes sense. It is also a great time to meet new people, especially if they are from abroad, who are completely different, even exotic. Anyway, in an aspect like that you will find that Saturn tends to act on your Moon, more than the Moon n your Saturn. Hi Jamie, I have jupiter venus neptune in sagittarius at 2nd house, scorpio ascendant (sun mercury south node Ketu) and tauras north node Rahu in 7th house. I think the Leo quality of loyalty was too strong and was overriding what was actually taking place in this friendship. Be mindful of the Venus sextile Jupiter transit because you are more optimistic than usual and likely to get involved in things without thinking twice. It ensures a pleasant time with friends and loved ones. Time to go and hit the casinos! This is one of the most looked-forward-to transits and is particularly interesting to those seeking love. Hi Jamie this Jupiter/ venus conjunction is conjunct my natal Uranus ,which is at 28 .3 degrees and things are very quiet. Not to forget that during this transit, all of us, can also expect some events in global terms. there are no planets in 10th house. You feel more affectionate, and any inhibition bothers you. Venus conjunct Moon. It is very active now, esp in the Sibly chart. Few of us have that gift in its purest, most potent form. Im not sure I can pass it off as a coincidence. As a reminder, we will say that this is one very adaptable aspect that combines unique creativity and the art of finding a good source of income when materializing those creative ideas. It is not that you are particularly proactive about resolving disputes, as that would involve unpleasant arguments and bargaining. Venus sextile Saturn natal is a good omen for stable income in your life. Venus sextile Jupiter transit is excellent for partying and making love. I find myself approaching a relationship with a woman, these being the prominent aspects, Mars in Virgo (me) opposed to Venus in Pisces. April 13, 2026 Sounds, also, like compromised Cancer / Lunar and Capricorn / Saturn issues in your chart, to begin with. Their life path looks just like thisit is interesting and unusual, it is fortunate and sad at times because there are a lot of emotions. Me too Sun 21 cancer, awful. Could you tell me a software that I could use that will tell me how long a transit will last? Venus sextile Jupiter is seen by numerous astrologers as one very creative aspect in the natal, known for its successful combination of intelligence and emotions. I truly have paid a massive price for daring to stand up for my dignity after a lifetime of being groomed to accept her and other peoples abuse, I am surprised I have not entirely collapsed or died, either by a terminal illness or my own hand. The way I feel it looks that conjunction and the trine overthrowing a square. Jupiter Square Neptune Transit Personally, ideologically, or religiously, you want to demonstrate the strength of your convictions in action. When it comes to synastry, we could say that this aspect affects two partners in such a way that they are more friends than romantic and fatal lovers. I really think its luck that we need on our side in life, especially when weve had so many setbacks and that of a Saturian nature like Saturn return and chaotic transits in general that seem to place havoc in our lives!

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