can a 44 magnum kill a grizzly bear

Remember that handguns are not as powerful as rifles and may not provide enough penetration on larger bears. This is really what the .44 mag was designed for., Yup. However, the goal of this article is simply to address the question of whether the .300 Winchester Magnum is within the ideal range of suitable calibers to harvest grizzly or brown bear. Grizzly bears can operate much longer that humans due to the way their circulatory system/muscles work. Your comment is just what the doctor ordered. Thoughtful, knowledgeable, unusual, and well-written. NOT UNUSUAL TO HAVE BEARS CLOSE TO CABIN EATING BERRIES OR GETTING A DRINK. 12 GA WHAT IT LACKS IN ENERGY IT MAKES UP IN WEIGHT AND SIZE/CAL. of energy. Value. I come back again to accuracy rather than bullet size. Why dont you get a go pro and hike around grizzly country in the spring season with bear spray and post your live videos. Kinda says what needs to be said comparing us to bears. COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. 1. If we consider only delivered energy, the 44-magnum cartridge resides in the middle of the range that is considered adequate for a bear defense handgun. Kim had a Glock model 20 10 mm pistol with him. Some of them are like a fog. The result, of course, was the .50 Alaskan. Do you actually think that you impress anyone by imitating other men? You have avoided your burden of proof, and I have a problem with that. These two not only affect the delivered energy of your bullet but also the weight and felt recoil that you will experience. All of that being said, in my past 4 years in Alaska, you know how many times Ive been attacked by a bear? In a .44 Magnum a 240-grain JSP or a 220-grain or heavier silhouette-style bullet like Federal loads commercially and other bullet makers offer for handloading are also fine choices. Hunting grizz is much easier than defending against a charge but both my uncles stoped charges. This holster always lives on the outside of my outermost coat. I am not sure I can perform this feat with a 450 Casull or a .460 S&W. If so, theyll need a no-safety, round-in-the-chamber-already handgun that doent get a longer barrel turned sideways under a billion pounds of pre-shot and still-biting-you-bear. cartridges like 7mm Rem, which are both versatile and dependable. Human beings in the woods. He was about ten feet away coming up and over the initial log that I had tripped over. Caliber: .44 Magnum Barrel length: 4.125 inches Overall length: 9.6 inches Weight: 41.5 ounces Grips: synthetic Sights: front red ramp, rear adjustable white outline Action: double action Finish: polished stainless Capacity: 6 rounds Price: $949 Featured image: Doug Larson Discussion Should be easy to find if they are out there. A Smith & Wesson Model 29, in .44 Remington Magnum - completely in the vein of Dirty Harry - still makes an excellent choice for the bear woods. In some cases, it may not even penetrate the bear's thick hide. I can't imagine anyone feeling comfortable packing a .44 mag. Although I seldom agreed with Jeff Cooper he was right when he said that if you use a handgun as an offensive weapon its tantamount to committing suicide no matter what the caliber. This is a website about guns, not WebMD. Then you have to get on target which is easier with a shorter, lighter gun. Two or three times, he never replied, I looked everywhere, no bear, as I turned and looked behind me, ( I was setting in a camp chair) I was eye to eye with a big Boar Grizzly coming in fast, ( Luckily he wasnt charging yet) I looked him in the Eye, he was not stopping! Sorry Scotty, but you missed again. 3. During the 10mm vs .44 Mag. However, Ive learned a few things. 2. The Glock 20 chambered in 10mm has become a popular carry choice in bear country. Hes a fear pimp. Its important to remember, however, that 44 mag ammo is not a magic bullet. Now that you mention it, my wife was the one that told me Right after asking if the life insurance was up to date, It might have continued on to hit the spine, resulting in the instant collapse of the bear.. Does that (true, b.t.w.) The cartridge was used to thwart attacks from black bear, brown bear, grizzly, and even a Kodiak Bear. Unless and until you provide evidence to support the claim, thats all it is; a claim. DO NOT SEE THE MTN LIONS MUCH BUT THEY ARE OUT THERE AS SEE THE TRACKS AND A GLANCE OUT THE WINDOW ONCE IN A WHILE. The first time a strong cross wind completely redirected the spray 90degrees to the side. Never had to shoot a bear with it, and hope it stays that way, but pretty confident it will do the trick if needed. My hunting friend swears by his Ruger Red Hawk Alaskan. You might have learned that if you didnt try to snub total strangers over the internet and instead tried to speak as intelligently as the author just did when he disputed my claims just now. Im comfortable carrying the .38, with better bullets, where I hunt. People claim there are multiple instances where people with pistols failed to stop the attack and/or kill the bear. So, at this point 39.53% of my life. .338 Winchester Magnum The favorite among Alaskan guides as a backup gun, the .338 Winchester Magnum was released in 1958 as belted, rimless cartridge. They dont. Another round used effectively years ago was the from the Howdah double barrel pistol in .577 cal. Depends on what type of bear. Bears can be very dangerous when theyre angry, so its best to stay out of their reach. Some sites would have you thinking you can kill a bear with a .45 magnum even if you did manage to hit it hours before he killed you. This powerful ammunition can help you take down even the biggest bears. Having shot a 44 magnum numerous times, I can tell you that it is not one of my favorite range guns. Make sure to have several encounters. A female grizzly will do almost anything to protect her cubs. I've killed big bear with one shot (usually .338 mag) but I was also in on a bear kill with my hunting partner when things didn't go well. Some others are .50 Desert Eagle, .454 Casull, .500 Smith & Wesson Magnum and the .480 Ruger. Its chambered in nearly every major manufacturers rifle and has a plethora of ammunition choices as well. akgunners comment HELPS people and makes them smarter. of energy, while 1,000 ft/lbs is considered the minimum for a bear hunting gun. Any large caliber pistol is going to deliver often punishing recoil. Presumably he removed it when they started cleaning the moose, which is probably the worst time to do so. Gun Watch. Sure makes it shorter and lighter, easier to carry and draw. Bears, including grizzlies, have been killed with 22 long rifles. I believe I said the other day, .44 Rem Mag FTW! .375 H&H MagnumOne of the original belted, rimless magnum rifle cartridges, Holland & Hollands .375 is not only considered one of the best cartridges for hunting Africa, it also has a proven track record for lethality on large-bodied game in Canada and Alaska, including moose and bear. These are the most vulnerable areas on a bear. The bear, during the attack, moved from one hunter to the other, giving Doug the chance to access Reeds .44 magnum, that had been hung in a tree. When youre out in the wild, its important to be prepared for anything. Good on him for having the clarity of mind to make such a shot, and for having the appropriate ammo in an appropriate caliber such that it could actually travel through a large bear and disrupt the spine and cause such a necessary instantaneous stop. JUST CALLED THEM ON THE PHONE AND MOST HELPFUL. We must not have read the same post. You write em and put your name on em, you have to do that heavy lifting. 7. test, none of us were looking forward to running the S&W 329 PD with the Hornady 240-grain JHP loads I had brought along. WHEN FURTHER A FIELD ALSO CARRY MARLIN SS 1895 LEVER WITH BUFFALO BORE RECOMMENDED ROUND IN 45-70. Always remember to check local regulations when traveling in bear country. It was the first bear attack in the region in forty years, and it didnt kill him, it slashed at him when he let his dog out and stepped outside, probably in panic that he was being attacked by a pack. However, bigger is not always better in my opinion. The bear was just as startled as I. There are other handguns in larger calibers that deliver more energy on target. How many you need? And you cant kill cancer or diabetes with a revolver. Thanks for visiting Doug shot the bear and stopped the attack. Redding Reloading Equipment has added a New 3-Die Set for the 300 HAMRa bottleneck cartridge based on a modified .223 Remington case necked up to 30-caliber. Available in shorter versions like the Smith & Wesson 629 with 4-inch barrel, the .44 Mag. But bears are all-natural and organic, and everybody knows that anything that is all-natural and organic is safe and good for your health, right? He said that handguns stop attacking bears almost 100% of the time. . When Jeff Newville faced his moment of truth with the grizzly, he barely had time to fire his revolver. Again, Im not saying this because I necessarily disagree with you, Im saying it because it hurts your own cause. However, if we are considering the average person on an outdoor adventure, we need to look at the best fit option. Sure looks like a bunch of weakling dodging on your part, Hank. The statistics lie with the .44 magnum as an effective handgun against a grizzly bear attack. Chuke tests 44 Mag and 10mm Underwood Extreme Penetrator on his actual Grizzly Bear Skull to dispel the urban myth that a bears skull will ward off these kin. The second and third time I used bear spray was against overly aggressive dogs. And as I said at the git-go, a hell of a lot of hunters have been mauled by grizzlies after they shot them. When I test sprayed it, there was the slightest cross wind. Favorites include, from top, an S&W in .44 Mag, a Dan Wesson in .445 SuperMag and a single-action Ruger chambered in .41 Magnum. (Another was uncovered after I wrote the last article.) Putting aside your irrelevant propagandizing about the Philippine insurrection, there is clear evidence that when comparing ball ammo, the .45 ACP is better than the .38 special and the .45 Long Colt was better than the .38 Long Colt. of energy at 1500 fps, while the 495-grain DDupleks leaves the muzzle at 1410 fps with 2,180 ft.-lbs. That phrase is Youre fucked because the chances you survive such a situation are slim to none. (Its the one with the 18:26 time-stamp). Along with delivered energy, we must also consider bullet weight and velocity. The dog was close enough however that the spray did hit the dog right in the face. In his research of hundreds of bear attacks the people who used handguns usually did not survive the attack. of energy at 1550 fps, which is more than double that of the 10mm and four times more energy than the 9mm. CRIME AND WILD ANIMALS LIKE WHEEL OF FORTUNE SPIN, NEVER KNOW WHEN IT WILL STOP ON YOUR NUMBER. You could try noticing that fact, wondering about it, and asking, Why wouldnt you choose a long-barreled gun that shoots with higher velocity, better penetration, more accuracy, less muzzle flip, less recoil, and holds one more bullet to stop a charging bear?. I know hunters who routinely carry a bear defense pistol that they have never shot. Smith & Wesson Model 629. Hundreds of bear attacks? Or cant hunt them easily/legally so shoot yourself a moose and wait around for the main event? Hollywood has done the same thing for other rounds. For example, I said Ive made lower-48 black bears leave my campsites a lot more than 29 times just by sounding irritated. A sold core flat nose bullet has a better chance of penetrating a grizzly bears heavy skin, thick coat, and large bones than a hollow point that is designed to expand as rapidly as possible. And those rifleslike the Marlin 1894 or Ruger 77/44are lightweight, compact, and ideal for hound. I WAS STILL PRETTY DANGEROUS WHEN WOUNDED AND SAME APPLIES TO BEAR. You have access to the Internets, just as others do. Probably the worst-case scenario that anyone spending time in bear country can face is a charging grizzly bear. Knowing the approximate distance at which you will be encountering bears is an important factor in choosing the right round for your firearm. But they dont have sense enough to get out of the way of a truck. Any way you slice it, the .357 has proven itself as a worthy close-range bear stopper. Weight X Velocity X Diameter /7000 = TKOF One of the more powerful handguns available today, the .454 is capable of pushing a 300-grain Buffalo Bore bullet at 1650 fps with 1,813 ft.-lbs. I CARRY BEAR SPRAY FOR DOGS NOT BEARS. Why the Alaskan was designed as a snubbie? What matters more is the right bullet. I have found 30 instances so far. As for his own writing, yeah, I sure do criticize it. Otherwise, anyone thinking a handgun is good for bear defense should file off the front site and lubricated really well. I scanned the far shore to see if it was a nice one, maybe I would take it, I didnt see it, so I asked him where? Other calibers that come to mind are the Desert Eagle in .50 cal and the 10 mm. It is better to have and not need than to need and not have, in my opinion. .45-70 GovernmentFirst adopted by the U.S. military in 1873, the .45-70 Government has been one of the longest-standing big-game cartridges of all time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Show me on the doll where the handgun touched you. Male grizzlies will defend their territory to the death. The .44 magnum boomed in the night and the boar fell straight down, his head three feet away from where I stood. Some hunters also prefer to use rounds with higher grain weights, such as 440 or even 500, for larger bears. I READ STORIES ABOUT THE GUIDE WHO KILLED THE BEAR WITH A 9MM ( LUCKY ALL I CAN SAY AND HE KNEW BETTER ME THINKS THAN TO CARRY SUCH IN BEAR COUNTRY) AND ALSO THAT MONSTER GRIZZ SHOT IN ALASKA AFTER HE KILLED AT LEAST TWO HIKERS AND TOOK ON GOVERNMENT HUNTER ON DEER HUNT WHO EMPTIED 7MM INTO HIM AND BEAR FINALLY DROPPED AT HIS FEET. We better remember that when we are out where the truly strong are. Ill have to ask what brand he has. I am a fan of the .38 but grizz country aint the place for it. Of absolute importance when you choose a handgun caliber for bear defense, stopping power is at the top of the list. They must have been some real badasses. As soon as I rounded the corner I spotted a probably 900lb brown bear, not barely 20yds away. He or she could have one of the following, a 44 or larger with at least 300 grain flat nose, or a 12 guage shorty with 00 buck or a Brennicke slug. And you have no idea how much anybody here spends in Bear Country. Had he chosen to come my direction, theres no telling what would have happened. They have been documented stalking humans, attacking without provocation, eating humans they killed and more. He was a brave soul. Less felt recoil means a delf defense pistol that many small frame shooters can handle. Because of this thing called real world experience. These things WILL hurt you and & then kill you: 1. Who knows. Even if you get a lucky shot with these freight trains that can run 35MPH it will probably still kill you before it dies. Because of intense interest from his family and friends, Doug wrote a detailed account of the attack and the aftermath. is the standard most American hunters use. I found the account as I was searching for bear attacks where pistols had been used as a defensive measure. Even the very biggest brown bears are 1,500 pounds. Considered by many to be the most versatile North American big-game cartridge, the .338 Win. I live in a small native village in bush Alaska. I DO GET THAT:) I think akgunner wrote a comment below the article which is more helpful than the article itself. Forgot to ask said bear Are you feeling lucky, punk. TTAG has lots of writers who are smarter than him when it comes to the woods and guns. The period of time for their data set was from 1883 to 2009. Will a 44 Magnum stop a grizzly bear? Please dont take out your rage on your wife or kids tonight. Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard were killed in an unprovoked grizzly attack in Alaska on October 6th, 2003. Two questions: Keep in mind that you might need a Magnum load to propel a heavy bullet to a decent velocity. .73 (2 3/4) 12 GA Slug 437.5 gr @ 1560 FPS (2363/ ft lbs): 71 I see youre suddenly changing from Jesse Pinkman language to an exact imitation of Donald Trump-tweet language.Why? in Southern Cal., I have been on many gangland shootings involving the 9mm.While it does have the necessary power to kill people, as often as not, people survive being shot with this caliber.The last call involving a 9mm, the victim was shot 15 times and was still fighting us to get up off the gurney and get some payback. You criticize Dean for his 30 cases, all of which are sourced, yet you flat out refuse to source your own claims. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. WHEN CLOSE TO HOUSE CHEST RIG WITH SHORT BARREL S/W .44 MAG OR SUPER RED HAWK .44 LONG BARREL. A bear is not a human and self-defense rounds are not as effective on a bear as you might expect. Anyone else? Note that the .38 Long Colt used in the Philipines was even less powerful than the .38 special, and US troops did in fact prefer the .45 Colt revolver to the .38 Long Colt. Youtubes pretty good, and even has spray vs. grizzly vids too, readers. The 44 magnum does deliver less energy on target than the other calibers in our comparison tables. Alaskan moose hunters Doug White and Reed Thompson were working on packing out the meat and head from a successful hunt. It wasnt even language. I agree with what you say about the .38 in a large animal. Granted, the stopping power of any pistol is low, but the nonsense in your post about the .38 vs .45 makes everything else you say not credible. I am skeptical. Always remember to check local regulations regarding firearms when traveling in bear country. What handgun can kill a grizzly bear? I am still looking for some 300 grainers. The black bear is the only animal in the continental U.S. that can provide the average hunter a reasonably accessible opportunity to hunt dangerous game - game with fangs and claws rather than horns and hooves. The full account is worth reading for anyone interested in the dynamics of bear attacks and the effectiveness of pistols for defense against bears. A handgun is just plain Darwinism in motion. A 9, 38, or 45 isnt an adequate round for something as large as a bear, with think hide, fur and muscles. It immediately blew enough of it back in my own face that had it been a defensive use, it would have made matters worse. Check the following. You should be using slugs, and not just your average deer slug but hot ones, and you can forget about buckshot. Proper 9mm bullets yield sufficient penetration in soft tissue, but it may not stop a bear quickly enough to avoid being mauled. It depends on the situation, as well as the type of bear in question. Dude you should stop before you have a heart attack. The 44 Magnum is a powerful handgun, but it is not powerful enough to guarantee a one-shot kill on a bear. 5. I dont even know if Hank The Anonymous was insulting me, or how, or about what, because Hank cannot use words. Its also capable of sending a massive projectile, like Buffalo Bores 430-grain hard-cast bullet, at roughly 2000 fps and 3,600 ft.-lbs. The 44 Mag does have its downsides. 44 mag ammo can help you do just that. After all, I hadnt yet read any words from Hank, so I had no reason to do so at the time. Ive also bothered to read Weingartens stuff for years. The major reason is that they dont want to waste expensive ammo on the range. With a 3-inch barrel and a six-shot cylinder combining for a weight of just 25 ounces, this gun was made to be both carried and shot. MY BEST ADVICE HAVING HAD TO DEFEND MY SELF MANY TIMES IN WAR AND CIVILIAN LIFE IS BE AND STAY PREPARED WITH BEST EQUIPMENT CAN AFFORD AND BEST ADVICE YOU CAN SEEK. I NEVER SLING OR STRAP MY SMOKE POLE, ALWAYS IN HAND AND PISTOL NOT SECURED UNLESS DOING SOMETHING WHEN IT COULD FALL OUT IF TUMBLE. I carry both, with bear spray on my left side and a .44 on my right, so IF the bear spray fails Im not completely f-ed. Its similar to the one my cousin uses. What did work was the short barrel shotgun. Comparatively, the 44-magnum ammunition I prefer to carry for bear defense is much cheaper than some. That means having the right gear, and knowing how to use it. Hes read some books so hes an expert. 2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included. I was driving along an overland trail, about to cross a small creek and pop back out onto the beach of our lake. The 44 Magnum offers several advantages over the bigger calibers especially if you pick the right firearm. Keep your gun on your hip and always designate one to watch for bears. The guys got lucky.. How in the hell did our ancestors kill them with a rock tied on the end of a stick? Wow. Copyright 2023 National Rifle Association, Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. 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A good . Great choice. I heard that bear was a friend of Cecil the lion. Be prepared to take down more than one bear if necessary. As the bear charge drill in his course demonstrates, the average bear attack will happen at 50 yards or less with an 800-pound animal moving at 30 mph. WTF is your .44 doing up in a tree without your butt still attached to it? As an avid outdoors person (hunting and fishing mostly)I love to mention and link to various products and gear I use. Bruh it's a black bear not a Grizzly. They are lucky to have survived given they left their primary defensive weapon in a tree! SEE IT. Aim is critical too and handguns just arent accurate, nor can they match a rifle let alone a a rifle that needs hard cast bullets for this job anyways. FRIEND HAD BEAR COME THRU WINDOW ONE NIGHT SO NUFF SAID. Big credit to the guy finding his calm in that situation; it allowed him to place a well aimed shot . What happened? The first was simply a test to see how far it would spray. Finally, always remember that proper shot placement is key when using 44 mag ammo for bear defense. Based on the .375 H&H, the .338 will send a 300-grain Barnes bullet out the barrel at 2500 fps with a devastating 4,100 ft.-lbs. WHEN IN HOUSE CHEST RIG ALWAYS ON AND PISTOL UNDER PILLOW AT NIGHT. Large caliber handgun ammunition is expensive. My state used to require a class and a license to buy pepper spray, and I lived there, so I took the class. Black bears are responsible for more human deaths and mauling s than griz and brown bear combined! It stretched from the peak of the cabin to the ground. . Hell, no. But while our hands were fresh we shot the revolver first. The key to using .44 Magnum to successfully stop a large grizzly bear attack is using heavy, hardcast lead bullets and having a 6+ inch barrel to boost muzzle velocity (over short-barreled revolvers). . I carry a 6 inch Redhawk with 325 grain hard cast lead handloads when I go to Grizzly country. We have to do better. (THIS IS A SEPARATE SUBJECT. Great story. For many backwoods trekkers, hunters, and homesteaders the 44 mag is the mainstay of their bear defense. Over the decades, several cartridges have proved themselves as worthy against the nastiest bears North America has to offer. One minute they may seem docile, then in an instant, their all pissed off and mad about it, How in the hell did our ancestors kill them with a rock tied on the end of a stick? 3) Self defense from a bear attack with a pistol is a cautionary tale at best, correct? The biggest thing you can do to protect yourself from bears (at least in Alaska) is to respect them, their home, and their food source. LOL! American Buffalo Knife and Tool Co. is adding to its line of Roper Knives with the new Sunset Series Tumble Weed. To give folks working in dangerous animal country a very portable self defense tool. However, if you are dealing with an especially large or aggressive bear, you may need something more powerful. Assumption. Ruger chambers the .454 Casull in both the Super Redhawk with a 4-inch barrel and the Alaskan in a 3-inch variant, both of which are compact and easy to draw when things get up close and personal. Im not criticizing him for that, but he didnt say it was his research. There is no definitive answer to this question as different bears will respond differently to various types of bullets. 1) are these Alaskan hunters from Alaska? Wont take too long until you go viral. Make sure to practice with your chosen firearm beforehand, and always check local regulations when traveling in bear country. Using any handgun is near suicide. Upon second thought, I think you just honestly misunderstood my meaning, and I may have misunderstood yours in the reply I just wrote. MY HOG BACK UP IS MY SHORT BARREL S&W .44 THO HAVE YET HAVE ONE TO GET UP FROM REM .308 HOG HAMMERS. Thankfully he decided to scale the cliff because it was a good 20 seconds or more before I could undo the straps to my rifle and get it pointed in his direction. I forgot to mention it, and you should get credit where credit is due. 357 Mag, and says, when it comes to handguns and bears, what matters is getting the most hits on target in the shortest amount of time. 44 mag ammo for bear can be a life-saving tool, but only if it is used correctly. I had also noticed that your post of 13:49 was damned good. Youre not. Now theres some first-class thinking Thats the reason why infantrymen have left their rifles back at camp when they go into battle for the last thousand years. The accurate answer is "it depends".

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