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I dont have the room in my shop for the 52 fence, but Im really happy with the 32. What I would like to do here is just give someone who is about to assemble this out of the box a couple of helpful tips, and also make one minor comment on the rigidity of the fence. The fence skims above the table on whisper smooth glides, eliminating all fence to table contact. I personally love the Incra TS and find it a joy to use. Its not handy. Are you still using that and how has it worked out for you if you are still using it? How much of a problem will I have adding the Incra fence system? So I will lock the fence near the miter slot, check with my finger, unlock the fence, slide it back and forth, then lock it down again and test with my finger. If I need to cut wider, I turn to my Festool track saw. Thanks again for your honest opinions and even replying to 10+ year old threads like this! More T nuts we keep saying? This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. As for the table saw fence, I only have one complaint its just too big for small shops, due to the sliding arm., Hi Germaine I wasnt convinced that I NEEDED it. The amount of screws you get when you purchase this is kind of absurd. I think you had your doubts about it before you even got it on your saw ;-) For me, the advantages of repeatability, micro adjustments and precision are well worth the cost and time spent in initial setup. I remember very little about it so Im not going to be a whole lot of help. An accurate and reliable fence is absolutely necessary. Simple, patented lead screw-based mechanics instantly position the fence in 1/32 steps +/-0.002 (1mm +/- 0.05mm for metric versions) with perfect repeatabilityyou cant miss! How would you have known if you didnt try the thing out.. These "saddle" brackets not only allow fast dismounts, the clever design of INCRA's Tracks and Channels, back Spectacular fence, be patient with installation, Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2015. I am in the market for a new fence for a craftsman saw and I definitely appreciate your review, as well as reading though the comments that others have mentioned. With my Inca fence, I would have set the fence, made the cut and moved on without thinking or measuring. I spoke with you in the past, and appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. accommodate hold downs and wooden sub fences, Adjustable brackets for straightforward installation on a huge variety of table saws, Two preset locations for the LS32 positioner provide 52 right-side ripping capacity with 14 of left-side capacity, Expandable in the future with router tables & accessories. To rip pieces wider than 32 inches, the entire base assembly is loosened and moved to the right. I am a professional woodworker, making Handcrafted wooden Jewelry Boxes. centrally placed carriage literally forces the fence into perfectly parallel alignment at any position. You can dial in the cut quickly. The fence skims above the table on whisper smooth glides, eliminating all fence to table contact. Don't be put off by its appearance! TS-LS Combo #1 32" Range TS-LS Joinery System with 28"x21" Left Side Router Table TS-LS Combo #2 32" Range TS-LS Joinery System with 28"x32" Right Side Router Table TS-LS Combo #3 Our customer's satisfaction is our top priority! See the TS-LS Compatibility Chart for more information regarding the TS-LS & TS Router Table installations. Now *that* would be cool. Make the initial cut, move the fence to give the exact dimension of the desired groove (don't forget to account for thickness of the saw blade), make the second cut and clean out any waste in between. If youve followed the videos in order, you will notice that in Episode 30 Table Saw Outfeed TableI was very excited to have this high end fence on my table saw. Example, is the way you think about cutting multiple pieces the same size from a single board. For almost 30 years, INCRA Saw Fences have been the Gold Standard for Accuracy, Repeatability, and Efficiency. This product will ship approximately 28-32 weeks from the order date due to a temporary factory closure and high demand. I appreciate your review of the product and how classy your responses have been to those people who have questioned your experience or why you dislike the product based on your needs, you handled it much better than I would have as I would have told them to go pack mud if they didnt like my opinion because it differs with theirs. Incra number: M-LS32-TS This item we ship only within the European Union! Ive been saving my pennies for the TSLS Combo #1 for my cabinet sawjust curious. Add To Cart. Ive got an old Delta 10 contractor saw and I want to install the Jessem sliding table attachment. Some people are PC fans, like to tinker and screw around with their machines and then there are those of us who like Macs because they work perfectly out of the box and dont need tinkered with. I find the setup before I use it a little time consuming, but that gets better the more I work with it. Orders will ship sooner whenever possible. Thanks. Lifting . Thats not an accident. $209.99. The Incra is considerably nicer and more functional, for me, that the Biesemeyer and Xacta II fences that I used prior to the Incra. They really should listen to your advice and take your comments with a grain of salt :). Some notes on assembly, quality, and accuracy. I happened to stumble on to the review of the Incra table saw fence system and thought it might be useful to describe my experience with Incras system for router tables. Darn thing is the best mitre Ive ever used. So locking the fence down for a cut is a two-step process. I just use my finger to make sure the fence is parallel with the miter slot. I found that it was well packaged for shipment, arrived in a timely manner with all parts in excellent condition, and with good instructions for assembly. Receive the latest updates about our products and promotions. I guess I come from the school of thought that a fence should not be that much trouble to adjust and set up. Adjustment from the short to the long rip postion takes about 10 seconds, loosen 4 knobs, slide the carriage to the other set of stops, tighten the knobs. In your experience, if you can remember that far back, did the rails seem sturdy enough to help add just that little bit of support? Forget all this testing, measuring, and over-analyzing, lets make some real cuts! I really like the idea of something digital / repeatable. Incra customer services has been awesome to work with as well. On another note though, the entire thing is made out of aluminum and its going to not be quite as strong as the steel setups like a bies or unifence. Marc is right. It turned my $350 contractors saw into the equivalent of a precision table saw with the advantages of easy mobility and storablility. Thanks for your efforts in woodworking, I need the accuracy and repeatability because I do a lot of small cuts as opposed to cabinet sized cuts. It came out nice and gives the old table saw new life. The saws left-to-right width wont matter for systems not equipped with router tables. I subscribe to and love your YouTube channel. INCRA LS32 Positioner Only 810mm (Metric)INCRA's LS32 Positioner is designed specifically for table saw use in conjunction with an INCRA TS Rail System, and is thelargest fence positioner of the LS family. Once the setup is done for a particular bit, changes to the fence are way faster than the stock fence. To completely secure the fence for a cut, you pull the cam clamp to the second position and then tighten a small thumb screw at the user end of the fence itself. 20 yrs ago i got a sears saw thinking if i can make it in steel i can do it in wood (not). INCRA SAW/ROUTER COMBOS Combos are available with either 32"- or 52"- capacity TS Systems and are available either with or without router tables. Just clamp a known width piece of wood to the Incra rip fence ensuring that it doesn't extend beyond the front of the blade to avoid pinching. Two capacities available: The 32" (810mm) -capacity TS-LS is based on 72" main rails, the 52" (1320mm) -capacity on this page system uses 92 rails, and both systems use the same 32" -travel LS Positioner. Workbenches and Vices, back Well, I bit the bullet and bought the Incra Table Saw fence. The only sugestion I have. INCRA Base Mount Unit and TS-111A Rip Fence Don't be put off by its appearance! Two capacities available: The 32" (810mm) -capacity TS-LS is based on 72" main rails, the 52" (1320mm) -capacity on this page system uses 92 rails, and both systems use the same 32" -travel LS Positioner. The XL version uses a longer fence and base support panel to fit most of the newer 10 & 12 cabinet saws with deeper tops measuring 33.5 or less. You have to be able to trust your fence! Create your account and enjoy a new shopping experience. The 50 inches to the right of the blade and the comfort in knowing the fence is parallel to the blade was the main reason for the upgrade, but the micro adjust is also nice. The General Compatibility Chart lists the various categories of saws, and the, INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 32" Range (LS32-TS), INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 52" Range (LS52-TS), Click here to watch the LS Positioner Intro Video, Click here to watch the TS-LS Demo - Part 1 of 3, Click here to watch the TS-LS Demo - Part 2 of 3, Click here to watch the TS-LS Demo - Part 3 of 3, Click here to watch the TS-LS Table Saw Fence Video (from New Woodworker). Three pairs of stops on the rails maintain perfect alignment & calibration each time its moved. These cardboard shims are used during initial setup to set the gap (about .050 inch) between the top of the table and the bottom of the fence. The Incra fence is such an improvment over any fence. The integrated micro adjust knob allows moving between whole increments with 0.001" resolution for total control over small fence adjustments. Im a ptototype designer cnc,cad,mills (30 yrs). But it sounds like you had about as much luck with that fence as I with Deltas sliding table attachment that I spent 300$ on and then had to readjust it at least once a year to keep it halfway accurate. Wood Turning, back I assumed it was me just being a doofus or not getting enough sleep but it sounds like maybe Im not. At 52 inches, the table saw fence has the ability to work with virtually any high-quality 10 inch table saw, and helps to go beyond the basics of using eyesight and a tape measure to positive your work. Youll keep your cast iron wings installed, and your existing extension tables can be reused. Years ago I bought one of the early Incra all metal table saw fences. The other thing is that the small screws that came with it for assembly could have ben slightly longer and of better quality. ;-). People who want something that just works and continues to do so without fuss prefer the Mac. Adjustable brackets make the INCRA TS-LS System a nuts-and-bolts installation on a huge variety of table saws, and the owners manual is excellent. evn73 (2,111) 99%. There are cheaper versions of the Biesemeyer, the ShopFox T square style fence and Vega fences in the $300-375 range. :) I certainly could have lived with the Incra and maybe eventually gotten used to it. Youre probably right in saying that the Incra fence just isnt for you. It sounds like I made the right decision, thanks for the blunt and straightforward review. Your experience will likely save me a lot of time and money by sticking with my MuleCab. It sounds dumb to spend almost $400 on a fence for a 60 year old Craftsman table saw purchased on Craigslist for $80. While it may not be the positive engaging system like the Incra and the Jointech, it seems you would be able to make repeatable cuts (at least to 1/32) with the Wixey readout. Its nice having that dead straight aluminum fence with the additional t-tracks. Don't be put off by its appearance! This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Planes, back but as long as you zero the fence to the blade each time after you move the base clamp your going to be dead on the reading it gives you. Theres no guesswork, period. This is a beautifully designed and manufactured modern woodworking tool that I bought from Amazon to replace the standard t-square fence that came with my Jet cabinet saw. To each his own, I guess. When set up correctly, the 72 rail system enables you to cut 32. As they say, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary.). This Signup to receive the latest news and offers. The fence makes up for a lack of talent. The Accuracy and Repeatability is .001 inch. After all, Incra has a reputation for unparalleled precision and accuracy and doesnt want a little more accuracy. I thought it would be handy to put a router table out to the left of my saw. I own a 36 Saw Stop Professional Cabinet saw. I guess the simplicity and reliability of a T-square fence are more my speed. I am a home woodworker and have had an Incra LS for several years on my old Rockwell table saw. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. I thought it would be a great test for the new fence. Free shipping. It also will take up considerably more space, since it sounds like it needs about 36" of space to the right of the fence when cutting large pieces. I been using this fence for a couple of months now and it's not bad. That modified set up enables me to get as much as 38 on the cut My original Saw Stop fence maxed out at 36 the positioner arm on the Incra is JUST long enough to give you that 38. Stay classy man and youve got a new YouTube subscriber here today. Grenoble in Isre (Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes) with it's 158,552 habitants is a town located in France about 300 mi (or 483 km) south-east of Paris, the country's capital town. The amount of screws you get when you purchase this is kind of absurd. This INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence System uses the 810 mm LS Positioner and a pair of 72 inch (183 cm) rails. I would greatly appreciate any help as I am just starting out in this hobby. . Basic Carbide Saw Tip Information and How To Order, Dismounts for cross-cutting operations and remounts in less than 10 seconds. I thought It was important for me to provide you with recent experience. This kind of accuracy allows you to just be plain silly with the kind of detail you can put into pieces. There is a lot of flexibility with the Incra system to get a rip capacity that meets the needs of the user. I normally dont mind a bit of fussing either if its done once. I cant see how any of the issues you have here would apply to the router table fence, so maybe some day you should give it a try! Ive read all of the posts to this point. I also did make adjustments, as per the instructions, to the fence for alignment. The fence skims above the table on whisper smooth glides, eliminating all fence to table contact, Grinding Carbide- Health and safety risks, Metric TS-LS Table Saw Fence, 1320mm Range, Incra M-LS52-TS, TS-LS Table Saw Fence, 32" Range, Incra LS32-TS, TS-LS Joinery System, 52" Range, Incra LS52-TS-WF, Metric TS-LS Table Saw Fence, 1320mm Range, Incra M-LS52-TS-XL, TS-LS Table Saw Fence, 52" Range, Incra LS52-TS-XL, TS-LS Table Saw Fence, 52" Range, Incra LS52-TS. Basically it takes up a lot of room. Saws, back After reading your very valued opion about the Incra I have doubts now. The Wood Whisperer abides by word of mouth marketing standards and holds integrity in the highest regard. The incra is a good fence, but not for $460. Maybe he used the cardboard shims that came with the kit (I cant recall). Im sure the Incra fence system works well for a lot of people. The LS positioner is already perfect in measuring increments of 1mm, but when you need to match existing project parts, the large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted between 0.025mm resolution. So why did I upgrade the fence in the first place? alignment relative to the blade, Fence T-slots Im wondering if theres a conterpart fence which is more like a Mac accessory. Love it. I am a professional woodworker, making Handcrafted wooden Jewelry Boxes. I bought a Delta Table 36-725 table saw (crap) and my first upgrade was to get the LS-TS 52 upgrade. I know because I did but it was an Excaliber fence. I had things as snug as they could be just before the point of binding. If you need the accuracy, even though, it takes some efford to slide a whole assembly for a routing, using my Jessem left side extension table with Jessem plate. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. You do not have to publish this reply/comment, but I would serously study my post, and hopefully correct your review. When installed correctly, it doesnt loose the square or its calibration to the bladeeven after you remove the fence and put it back on the table. When adjusted properly, there is no weight to speak of that is supported by the arm. It may take a little more to install and initially setup than some are used to, but, once set up, no further adjustment is necessary.. Re-adjustment for the larger rip capapity is not a big deal, its over in 5 minutes, and then another 5 minutes to set it back to original location. I remember speaking with a viewer who had similar issues with the fence and he did call tech service and I believe he was told to shim the fence. The Wood Whisperer, The Wood Whisperer Guild, TWW, and TWW Guild are trademarks of The Wood Whisperer Inc. All rights reserved. Full dust collection for all three with custom blast gates. Classement des sites industriels en partenariat avec l'Usine Nouvelle. Seven Woodworking Tools Interactive Demo 10" Table Saw 34" Lathe 16 1/2" Drill Press 12" Disc Sander Horizontal Boring Over/Under Table Router Over/Under Table Shaper 7 Functions - Train 7 Functions - Clock . So I decided to continue with the setup and calibration process in hopes that this was either just my imagination or perhaps I had a defective part. I was just checking out the debate about incra v the rest? Incra TS-LS Positioning Fence; Mark V Support Table; Mark V Table Inserts; Miter Gauge & Acc; Miter-Pro; Miter-Pro non-skid abrasive . It has leant some insight and made me make some critical and hard decisions. I have not re-installed the Inca fence (yet) to my saw as I just cant spare the extra 3-4 feet right of the wings. I installed my incra TS fence on my bitten up Bosch 4001-9, contractors portable saw and very happy with performance. I do hope this answers your question. If you really need a micro adjust, this thing is bad ass for sure. With that, someone above said it best and i agree. I had to be just as accurate. But there was another issue that cropped up when I began my first project with the fence. That would be a huge cost savings. Perhaps that would be the Biesmeyer and its clones. Especially given Marcs observation that the real capacity of the standard unit is closer to 29 inches, the appeal of the standard unit is quickly fading for me despite all the benefits. Your destination for buying luxury property in Grenoble, Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France. I am not in any all fired hurry to buy the Incra but Ive always eyed them. That step should have been done in the QA part of the tool plant. Greg, I would be interested in hearing more about increasing the rip capacity without moving to the 90 inch [!] I apologize for that. And I suppose the cardboard shim issue is a negative result of me waiting so long to write my impressions. The other answer is a purpose built router table. I first purchased the unit about eight years ago and have added several upgrades along the way. But if you have a decent t-square fence that is in working order and you aren't hung up on the concept of micro-adjustment at the table saw, I don't think I would recommend the Incra unit as an upgrade. Adjustable brackets make the INCRA TS-LS System a nuts-and-bolts installation on a huge variety of table saws, and the. Grenoble, the Auvergne-Rhne-Alpes, France Lat Long Coordinates Info. Click to download TS-LS Table Saw Fence - Part 3 of 3 in Windows Media format. My cabinets and other projects are a lot better and square now. Besides, there were other factors at play that brought me to the conclusion that this wasnt the right fence for me. Of course in my opinion a table saw fence is like anything else, it has to fit ones workflow, budget and personal preferences. Whether your table saw cost $500 or $4,500, your saw only turns the blade, and it's your rip fence that holds the key to accurate work. Router Tables, back Click to download TS-LS Table Saw Fence - Part 2 of 3 in Windows Media format. I build small jewlery boxes and other small objects, so capacity at 29 was plenty for me. back (by the way my table saw was made in 1946.) Im glad to hear your impressions on the fence, Mark pretty much all the reviews Ive read on the Incra fence have been completely positive, so it is great to hear some criticism. I like the convience of setting the length with the hairline curser and having it right every time. I have had a very positive experience with the Incra Fence, the Incra Tech Support, and the company I purchased the fence from, Woodpeckers. Jk. for small projects.I make high end presentation boxes and found that with a little practice, double dovetails can be made quite quickly with the accuracy and precision afforded by this system. Marc, Heck, with the Incra TS-LS you can be overly accurate since the micro adjustment dial allows you to sneak up on a dimension in 1/1000 increments! The "XL" version fits most of the newer 10" & 12" cabinet saws with deeper tops measuring 33.5" or less using a longer fence and base support . The Incra is truly a wonderful fence when adjusted properly, and mine has stayed in adjustment. The instruction manual provides you with enough information to easily square the arm with the miter slot and the blade. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Have had it for 2 years now, I tend to not be so gentle on things. measurements have that much use in woodworking. I made myself a cut off jig that works every time all the time. I measured and measured, it was dead on every single time. I have become convinced anything Incra makes will be the best, most precise woodworking product available. +(91)-9821210096 | where is bobby dassey now 2020. was margaret lockwood's beauty spot real. Anyway, I hate this thing. Interesting listing of replies some good, some bad, some obvious. However, I noticed that I have to learn how to use the table saw all over again. Chisels, back I was a pain getting the front and back rails attached to my old grizzey contractor saw but after that was done that fence worked great and you could have confidence in it. Does it ever end. Click to download INCRA TS-LS Manual in PDF format. If the fence goes out of alignment when these glides are tightened, then they need shimmed. About the rear fence lockdown; I only used it when I needed to be sure of a very precise cut or I needed hold-down stability for a fence-mounted featherboard. I even set one of my rules to account for the blade width so I wouldnt forget (and marked it as Left Side). Some blades cut more then 1/8 and most cut just a little shy of 1/8. I just dont think that .001in. Free Ground Shipping on Orders over $150! The limit on ripping is not a problem for me as I tend to do that with a straight edge and my little P-C finish saw. Just when I thought this was going to be easy. After careful tuning of the saw and fiddling a bit with setup of the fence, I've now got a tool I can depend on to make accurate cuts quickly without second guessing. Click the button below to add to your wish list. I dont sneak up on cuts with this. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. The TS Rail Support Legs are standard equipment on the 52" System. Your email address will not be published. The fence is pricey but just think 1/32 and anywhere in between theres not a fence iv see that does that. It also requires more room to allow for the carriage. Lets press on. Sitemap | Website by oBundle. This also makes it easy to use INCRA precision on both sides of the blade. The standard TS-LS (LS52-TS) covers saws measuring 28" or smaller front-to-rear (measured along the miter slot). It performs just as advertised. Workshop Essentials, back That can be disastrous. I mean, at one point we just started laughing while Not sure what all the hype is about here. Not sure what all the hype is about here. I have a Bosch 4100, and I have been looking around for either an upgraded cabinet saw, or and upgrade to make mine a cabinet saw; I decided on trying the INCRA LS52-TS system. I love the fence so much, I just ordered the jointery package for dovetailing and other joints. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. There are some very super cool fences out there that look pretty nice, but the Incra is what I choose. Unlike the video I saw online where the guy just lifts off the entire fence and drops it into a new spot and starts cutting again, we had to re-square the blade to the mitre slot every time we moved the fence from the 32" to 52" position. The standard TS-LS (LS52-TS) covers saws measuring 28 or smaller front-to-rear (measured along the miter slot). I don't think in my work shop it was worth the investment. When you tighten the glides, the buttons are forced to contact the rail, which distorts the fence slightly. Please let us know if you are unhappy with a purchase for any reason and we will do whatever we can to make it right for you. It may sound silly to some, but the extra job of tightening a knob for each cut started to become bothersome. Im sure others will simply chime in to defend a product they spent their hard-earned money on. Mainly for its fine adjustability and the repeatability of those adjustments. The fence that comes with is is a very good fence. Many of you have emailed me about my experiences with the Incra LS32-TS Table Saw Fence System. On my old PM 66 that has tubular rails it s quite an upgrade so Im looking forward to trying it out over the coming weeks. I have the router table version of this fence (the LS Super System) and I love it. The standard Mount Unit (LS52-TS) handles saws measuring 28" or smaller front-to-rear (along the miter slot). How about these positioning fences as compared to say a standard good t-square fence with the Wixey digital readout system add-on. :p. Marc thanks for the info and your experience with the Incra fence. I do it this way because that initial setup gives me an opportunity to quickly test the fences ability to lock down consistently each and every time. I admire Marc and the work he does on You Tube I respect his skills and his guidance But, change is sometimes a difficult thing. Adjustable brackets make the INCRA TS-LS System a nuts-and-bolts installation on a huge variety of table saws, and the. I can only my personal experience and I know MANY happy Incra fence owners. Much easier than fiddling with pieces and shims of a dado blade. Incra Fence install on my Harvey ALPHA 52" table saw. Table saw fence upgrade package for saws up to 28-1/2" deep includes 32" LS Positioner, 36" rip fence, 92" rails and rail support legs. I bought their inexpensive mitre, added an incra fence to it later. 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Select a location to see product availability, INCRA LS32-TS Table Saw Fence - Good but Overpriced, Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2014. So I can see where you decided to raise the white flag and bail. I used it for about a year to convert a useless jobsite saw with a terrible fence into a home shop saw that cut precision pieces. Sponsored. Hand Tools, back The positioning range is 32" to the right and 14" to the left of the blade. I am an Engineer and find it hard to understand why these systems are built/designed in a way to make it difficult for the end users to have a positive experience right out of the box. I check the fence once in a while with a dial gauge and make adjustments. It is a direct replacement for the Ultra positioners used with the INCRA TS-II and TS-IIIA Fence Systems, and when equipped with the appropriate sub base, the LS32 can also serve as the foundation of a super-sized, custom router fence system. Its a magnificent device that allows accurate joinery. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Ive read a lot about the Biesmeyer and wonder if it wouldnt be a better choice. It offers a lot of advantages over other fences and contrary to Marcs experience, I find that it locks down very solidly without distortion or binding and doenst need complex setup. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. So she was the ginny pig. I had to wait 7 weeks for delivery but worth it. INCRA LS Positioner 32" - The LS Positioner offers rock-solid fence travel of 32". The General Compatibility Chart lists the various categories of saws, and the, INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 32" Range (LS32-TS), INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 52" Range (LS52-TS), Click here to watch the LS Positioner Intro Video, Click here to watch the TS-LS Demo - Part 1 of 3, Click here to watch the TS-LS Demo - Part 2 of 3, Click here to watch the TS-LS Demo - Part 3 of 3, Click here to watch the TS-LS Table Saw Fence Video (from New Woodworker). At least for the router fence I am very happy with it.

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