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Birthday: May 10, 1969. More must be done, he said, to ensure there is a sense of urgency and to drive home the principle of no stone left unturned" when the country is faced with tragic plane crashes. $599.00 Details Add To Cart Woodsman THE WOODSMAN IS A COST FRIENDLY LONGBOW. Byron E Ferguson Byron Ferguson (born 1919) . A six-seater Piper Aztec aircraft plunged into the sea two nautical miles from the airfield at Lynden Pindling International Airport. Mr. Ferguson recalled that night, indicating that the search for his brother was called off before midnight with no divers entering the water, leaving the family with many unanswered questions. Mr. Dames told reporters that persons should be careful in their speculations concerning the incident Thursday night. In an interview with The Tribune yesterday, Mr Dames said as soon as information about the crash was reported, law enforcement mobilised. - J. Commander Ferguson continued: So we would have dived that area and we would have been confident in that one mile range of dive that we did that there was no other debris that we found in that area. When you are not involved in becoming an expert archer, you will want to take advantage of Goodman Ranch's other outdoor experiences. By the end of the season, Joan kills Bea Bea, more accurately, thrusts herself into a knife and makes it appear like Ferguson has killed her and is then charged with her murder. Byron is a show favorite, attracting not only avid bowhunters and archers, but whole families. At some point after they would have exhausted four hours after into the search and had to continue to make preparations for divers to do more intensive search they had to return in and so our efforts continued in earnest and we had to return to replenish and to ensure that our fuel, our personnel (and) the divers were embarked, the right equipment was embarked and so there was always throughout the entire process search efforts going on., When it was presented to him that reporters had been told the search was being called off at 1 oclock Friday morning, he said: What happened was we had a suspension of search in terms of the surface search craft having to return to bring in additional divers to ensure that the right equipment was being brought in.. BYRON FERGUSON OBITUARY Byron Lee Ferguson Valparaiso Byron Lee Ferguson, age 82, of Valparaiso, died Saturday, April 9, 2005. Shooting dimes out of the air or shooting deer on the run, Ferguson is a master craftsman worthy of the Lincoln Green of Sherwood Forest. They did, however, present a list of reasons from vessels not having sufficient gas to there being low visibility, needing to mobilise additional equipment for a more extensive search, and suggesting fatigue as to why the search had been called off Thursday night. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. He had good contacts and we reached out to them and they brought their private assets, and thats what we were doing.. He was en route to Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) with a load of cargo on board. He is going to be returned home to us alive and thats my final everything; he is going to be here.. Normally, they would not be lit at night, he said. The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is continuing the search for Byron Ferguson, the pilot of the small plane that crashed in waters off Nirvana Beach on Thursday night, and has widened the perimeter of the initial search boundary. If you're at or below VMC, you will have your hands full keeping the beast level. I know a few of them and we will continue to do whatever we can to ensure that we work to bring some closure to this matter, Mr. Dames said. He noted that over the last year investigators have contacted and met with them several times with updates. Officials noted the tail of the small aircraft was spotted by RBDF vessel P115 and by several other persons and the spot marked. So, we will be looking at the circumstances of both accidents for similarities and depending on our investigation may make other safety recommendations.. When he began shooting, he did not have to worry about hitting the paper target on a bale of hay - he could not even hit the hay. The AAID clarified that the factual information gathered contains facts which have been determined up to the current date only and that this information is made available at this time solely to inform the aviation industry and the public of the general circumstances of this accident and must necessarily be regarded as a tentative and subject to alteration or correction if additional evidence becomes available.. The commodore further admitted that the RBDF could have done a better job in its communication with relatives and the media after it was revealed that marine divers had discovered oil containers, residue and other lightweight materials on the seabed Tuesday. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Yesterday, Major confirmed Ferguson was adequately trained to perform his duties and had many years of flying experience in Piper Aztec aircraft. It cannot be the situation. I said to a family when there is a homicide in this country the police have a designated person thats assigned to coordinate with the family what the police are doing. Meet Byron Ferguson: Byron Ferguson first became infatuated with archery at the age of 12. Byron Ferguson, 256-773-2467 As I indicated last night, we told you last night that the plane, parts of the plane have been located by the defence and police officers. The search for the wreckage slowed in late November. The report does not conclude engine malfunction as the cause of the incident; however, the AAID is expected to state the likely cause in the final report set to be released early next year. The only thing you can say is the current may have carried it., Bjorn Ferguson added, What makes it so egregious is the fact that for two or three consecutive days, you had family members standing up on this beach; obviously we dont have time to waste, were here because we know something happened, and none of the authorities, in particular the lead agency, has sought to send a liaison person and get correct information.. Right now, we are continuing our search and recovery efforts, however, what we have done is we have pretty much allowed for our surface craft that are patrolling the area to maintain a lookout for anything that may be telltale signs that [could] assist the Air Accident Investigation [Department] as it relates to any debris or any other significant finds, Pinder told Eyewitness News. He radioed air traffic control. He said any report on his brothers incident was of little consequence to the family and its loss, though he acknowledged the findings and recommendations could help to save someone else in the future. (It) is something that we do based on the weather pattern, based on what the weather is doing, based on the sea, state the tide flow. Byron is again working with Jim Scoutten, host of American Shooter, on Jim's new program "Shooting USA" on The Outdoor Channel and "IMPOSSIBLE SHOTS". He also regretted that there is no legislation to govern crowdfunding in instances where money is needed to support rescue efforts. I cant make that call for them. The chief investigator also noted that as part of the AAIDs investigations, similar occurrences within and outside The Bahamas are reviewed. Since Byron began shooting exhibition archery he has performed in the following countries:Finland - Live and Local TVBrazil - Live and National and Local TVNetherlands - Live and National TVGermany -- Live and National TVAustria -- Live and National TV, France -- Live at the French Game Fair and National TV, USA -- Live National TV - Taped delay National TV Live Appearances -. Our Ferguson Hunter Elite is a radical reflex-deflex longbow. The POH states "Should the door open in flight, immediately reduce airspeed to prevent serious buffeting, and land at the nearest airport". "This is the only true statement at the time of notification.The Ferguson family is unhappy with everything and everybody.If I fly offshore beyond glide to land at night I do not have any expectation to be rescued. . According to Major, the aircraft was properly maintained and met regulatory requirements, but a further review of the maintenance records of the engine was still being explored. He began working as a bricklayer's helper to earn money to purchas. So we have to spend some time with our colleagues, and I dont believe there is any ill will or any malice or whatever, but we have to work with our marines. Byron E Ferguson of Morgan County, Ohio United States was born c. 1919. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis promised a full review of the protocols, procedures and agencies involved. Ferguson said he was advised by the Commodore yesterday that authorities were widening their search for the aircraft. But you know it is unfortunate we live in a country in a day like today where we have mega resorts, but we dont have our own rescue helicopters in this country. The sequence of events as we understand them, as they unfolded, as they happened, we know there was room for intervention and a greater attempt at rescue that wasnt satisfactorily done.. However, the plane was no longer at that location when divers returned to the scene on Friday morning. When Byron Ferguson put down his hunting rifle in favor of a bow and arrow, he had more than 200 whitetails to his credit. Commodore Bethel said training is always ongoing at the force. Relatives said Mr. Ferguson is a graduate of the Florida Air Academy who has been flying since he was 14-years-old. However, Mr Dames also said he is sympathetic to the familys plight. Perhaps if they find the wreckage they will have more answers but no matter, sad to lose a fellow pilot and condolences to the families:(. He added: Remember the initial response was intended to look more so for survivors and get on scene as soon as possible to render immediate assistance. These cookies do not store any personal information. So much so, that while hunting with his dad, two year old Byron shot his very first rabbit. Regarding the familys criticisms that the plane was not marked or tracked before authorities left the scene, Mr Dames said he could not speak to that matter as the investigation is ongoing. For more information, please see our Sometime later he experienced engine problems. When asked about the familys critiques that no divers went into the waters on Thursday night, Mr Dames underscored preservation of life is paramount in these situations. Family, friend, or fan, this family history biography is for you to remember Byron Ferguson. He was an experienced pilot, he flew internationally, Dr. Ferguson added. As the search continues for Mr Ferguson, the criticisms have not fallen on deaf ears. The post continued: A tracker was placed on his ill-fated flight last November 8 because of serious problems being experienced. Prior to this, the northwest quadrant of New Providence was searched, which included the coastline, shallow and ocean areas using RBDF patrol craft, drone and divers, and a US Coast Guard fixed wing aircraft.. No copyright infringement is intendedAll rights go to Foxtel According to authorities, shortly after 9 p.m. last Thursday, Air Traffic Control reported that it had lost radar contact with a six-seater Piper Aztec aircraft after the pilot had reported that the door to the plane had flown open. The cabin door if slightly open produces the stabilator to buffet, it can be unnerving even with the slightest amount of the door being ajar. He is going to be returned home to us alive and thats my final everything. He knew he could not make it to LPIA. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Also, bear in mind it was late into the evening. Be assured that when we uncover serious safety deficiencies during any of our investigations, we dont wait until the investigation report to make them known. The Ferguson family and even Attorney General Carl Bethel berated the RBDF over the organizations handling of the initial search and recue effort. Legendary archer, BYRON FERGUSON, will be your personal instructor! For his part, Senator Henfield questioned the countrys lack of rescue helicopters given the Bahamas makeup and the frequency of crashes in these waters. Bjorn Ferguson said he also understands that his brother passed three airports on his way to New Providence. Well go until sunset this evening, until dark fall and then tomorrow again well resume search. Bahamas Air Accident Investigation Department Operations Investigator Kendal Dorsett Jr also said yesterday that with a lack of physical evidence, authorities are looking at other avenues that could have contributed to the incident. He uses no sights or other gadgets when he shoots. Yesterday, Ashton Ferguson, Byrons brother, said relatives were praying for the best while bracing ourselves [with] reality, but he expressed extreme disappointment with the decision to temporarily suspend the search and rescue effort until Friday morning. He had clarity of mind and what he was doing.. The family also indicating that the search and rescue team did not mark the planes exact location that night, further delaying rescue efforts. Includes meals and lodging, Mike Goodman, 901-734-7818 At a press conference on Nirvana Beach on Sunday, one of Mr. Fergusons brothers said the seasoned pilot experienced difficulties with the planes door during flight and contacted Air Traffic Control. I was also in communication with the minister of tourism, who has responsibility for civil aviation. Ferguson created magic with the 68-inch longbow, slamming bull's-eyes from every imaginable hunting position. Because of that, we have requested a weather study from the National Transportation Safety Board in the United States and we will also be looking at the maintenance records of this aircraft and also the ATC related data in relation to this case, Mr Dorsett said. The dive search area that we initiated on that day was pretty much focusing around the search area where the last sighting of the tail of the plane as noted.. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Ferguson, 34, and one passenger were reportedly on the plane when it crashed, according to authorities. Civil Aviation is the body I believe thats responsible for the investigation. Officers worked early into the morning, divers came in early that morning, went to work, along with a search party.. The Ferguson family at Nirvana Beach yesterday as the search for pilot Byron Ferguson continued. The pilot, Byron Ferguson, 34, and one passenger were on the plane when it crashed, according to family members who were at the staging area for the search at Nirvana Beach yesterday. Ferguson . He [flew] in the Middle East in the desert. This was obviously a controlled landing He was losing altitude. A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter and several RBDF patrol vessels responded the incident. Officials believe the plane may have shifted from its original position due to a change in tide. Byron was the first American invited to Europe to demonstrate his longbow skills since the legendary Howard Hill toured the continent more than 40 years ago. When they were approaching, a little piece of the aircraft could have been seen. Pressed further on the time divers left and returned he said: Ill say this without getting specific with the time it was well after 0200 hours when our surface craft went in and of course we had to allow for our people an opportunity to get the right equipment to initiate a dive operation at first light. So, our hearts go out to the family. In the days following the crash, there was widespread criticisms of the Defence Forces search and rescue efforts. I dont know anywhere else in the world where something like that would happen, he said, as his mother, gripped with emotion, buried her head in his chest. His achievements with the traditional longbow are a true credit to his sportsmanship, dedication, hard work and desire to be the best there is. Byron will walk you through every aspect of becoming the shooter you want to be. The six-seater Piper Aztec aircraft plunged into the sea two nautical miles from the airfield at Lynden Pindling International Airport. See also It is unlikely that anyone survived a flight that crashed in waters about a mile north of Nirvana Beach on New Providence Thursday night, Assistant Commissioner of Police Leamond Deleveaux said yesterday. I've watched him hold bowhunters in fascination with his easy Alabama manner while he made his longbow talk and his arrows sing. The great difficulty right now, particularly with anything that results in a marine landing of some sort, is that the Civil Aviation Department has to rely on the efforts of another agency, usually the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Furthermore, you come back the next morning and you dont know where the plane is? At the time, RBDF Commodore Tellis Bethel said: No efforts were made to secure the aircraft because our priority right then and there was to look for persons who might have been alive in the water.

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