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font-weight: 300; In California, ballots postmarked on or before Nov. 8 are counted toward the results as long as they arrive within seven days of the election. But in L.A., voters elect their city attorney (the position is limited to two four-year terms), who is expected to serve the public interest. } Candidates To Replace Her Say She Was Wrong, Meet The Candidates For Nury Martinezs LA City Council Seat. The Leadership, Advancement, Membership and Special Events teams are here to help. Like Gill, finance law attorney Feldstein Soto has never held public office. .non_result_row div { Because the publics interest doesnt always align with City Halls interests, this can be a tricky dance. More information available athttps://cityattorney.lacity.gov/. Henry T. Segerstrom: Imagining the Future, Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World, Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race, The First Attack Ads: Hollywood vs. Upton Sinclair, Can We All Get Along? All rights reserved. LONE DIST, CITY OF ANGELES. See details in our interactive tool. Yet as election day approaches, the race to succeed termed-out Mike Feuer is generating little attention. Three of the five seats of the Board of Supervisors were up for election, as well as one of the countywide elected officials, the District Attorney. This includes more than 70 donations from attorneys. There were no incumbents in this race. } 2023 Southern California Public Radio - All Rights Reserved, scandal with the L.A. Department of Water and Power (LADWP), Rise Together Candidate Interview Series: Hydee Feldstein Soto for Los Angeles City Attorney, case where he fought the L.A. city attorneys office, City Attorney Candidate Faisal Gill Has New Approach for L.A.s Homeless (LA Magazine), Ex-Councilmember Martinez Opposed Healthy Streets LA Plan. The first release was composed entirely of vote-by-mail ballots received before Election Day and the numbers could change. Insider is bringing you real-time election results tonight for more than 50 House primaries in California, the highly-watched Los Angeles mayoral race, and a recall of a progressive district. Ballots can also be mailed to county election officials if they are postmarked on or before Nov. 8. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva maintains a lead over retired Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna, but not one big enough to win outright. background-color: #db0000; We know that voting can be complicated. An estimated 36.5% of his donations are from outside California. if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes').parentNode.style.display = 'none'; What's on my ballot? This also means the city attorney can choose which cases not to prosecute and which to refer to diversion programs (in which defendants can avoid trial and potential jail time by doing certain programs like drug treatment or therapy) instead. People of color are also disproportionately affected. .inner_percentage.Republican { Feldstein Soto has also pulled in 95 donations of $1,500 and 20 of $1,000. .votebox-scroll-container { The winner will replace Mike Feuer, who is termed out, and will play an important role as the city governments lawyer and criminal prosecutor, running an office of nearly 500 attorneys, writing legislation, and representing the city in lawsuits.

. For other crimes, he says he wants to focus on a restorative justice model and pre-plea diversion programs. Her team . Feldstein Soto has said she dislikes that 41.18 is enforced differently in various parts of the city and that she would work to standardize how it is handled. z-index:1; [1], The city of Los Angeles uses a strong mayor and city council system. For as long as anyone can remember, pundits have used the midterm label for elections halfway between presidential elections. More . Rick Caruso and Karen Bass are running for Los Angeles mayor. Julia Wick is a Metro reporter for the Los Angeles Times covering Los Angeles City Hall. On homelessness and housing: Gill said he would not prosecute somebody simply for being houseless. He says laws like 41.18, the controversial ordinance better known as the anti-camping law that prohibits people from camping near schools, daycares, parks and other public spaces, is immoral. He would not prosecute unhoused people under 41.18 or for other crimes related to not having a place to live, such as vandalism, trespassing or failing to appear in court. margin-bottom: .75em; A Multitasking City Attorney (LA Times): A 2013 editorial exploring the city attorneys role in more depth and explaining why its difficult to evaluate success. U.S. President | letter-spacing: 0.03em; Gill is a criminal defense and civil rights lawyer whos made homelessness and LAPD accountability the centerpieces of his campaign. Elizabeth Chou has reported on Los Angeles City Hall government and politics since 2013, first with City News Service, and now the Los Angeles Daily News since the end of 2016. She also supports the paper in its watchdog role to hold San Fernando Valley power players accountable and loves digging for public records. color: #fff; They also counsel city departments, agencies and officials on legal issues, like how to interpret court rulings or the city charter. } .votebox-results-metadata { padding-left: 0; Not surprisingly given her background and the seat she is running for, Feldstein Soto has extensive support from those in the legal field. They can take a stand when there are policy disagreements with other elected officials. Voters elected candidates in a nonpartisan primary, with runoff elections scheduled for May 14, 2019 and August 13, 2019. height: 22px; Real-Time Results: Los Angeles Sheriff's Election 2022 Scroll through the races below to see the real-time results of every election in Los Angeles County, or use the search field to. Los Angeles Mayor Election Results 2022: Karen Bass wins. The Los Angeles City Attorneys race is headed to a November runoff, with civil rights attorney Faisal Gill, prosecutor Marina Torres, attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto and deputy city attorney Richard Kim competing for the top-two spots based on the latest round of results released on Friday, June 10, by the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder. Gill was endorsed by California Nurses Association, Los Angeles City Attorney Coalition, Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and L.A. County Board of Supervisors Chair Holly Mitchell. This post was updated June 2 at 1:05 p.m. Four candidates are running for councilmember representing District 5 in the Los Angeles City Council. margin: 8px auto; Robert Luna holds a small lead over Sheriff Alex Villanueva as the race for sheriff takes on a strongly partisan cast. } Feldstein Soto has been endorsed by L.A. County Democratic Party, Sierra Club, L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis and L.A. City Controller Ron Galperin. The disparity continues in the runoff. border-bottom: 1px solid grey; As of 2013, the population of the city of Los Angeles was 3.8 million, making it the second-most populous city in the United States. The following table displays demographic data provided by the United States Census Bureau. Here are House races to watch, Voter guide to Los Angeles city November ballot measures, Voters dissatisfied about direction of California but still back Newsom, poll shows, Sheriff Villanueva in tight race as challenger Robert Luna has edge in new poll, Column: 2022 was the year Latino politicians became the ultimate villains, The Times podcast: The best and worst in 2022 politics, Column: Elon on Mars, a Dodgers GOAT and other guaranteed predictions for 2023, Column: What $104 million could buy, instead of a failed mayoral run, Karen Bass drew more votes than any mayor candidate in L.A. history, L.A. city voters sent conflicting messages, giving wins to both the left and the center. overflow-y: auto; } Elections in 2023 | Housing & Homelessness. The 2020 Los Angeles County elections were held on November 3, 2020, in Los Angeles County, California, with nonpartisan blanket primary elections for certain offices being held on March 3. You must do all of the following: On criminal justice: Her office would impose consequences on all crimes, regardless of the circumstances or who committed them. .mw-body #mw-content-text th.votebox-results-cell--text { This process is expected to wrap up in the early hours of Nov. 9. Hes made two unsuccessful runs for office before: in 2007, he ran as a Republican for the Virginia House of Delegates, and ran as a Democrat in 2016 for the Vermont State Senate. Food. TDD Call 213-473-5990. June 1, 2022 9:31 p.m. padding-top: 3px; Call 311 or 213-473-3231 Faisal Gill and Hydee Feldstein Soto, who, respectively, came in first and second in the seven-person race in the June primary, are now facing off. Feldstein Soto has raised $1.3 million from numerous donors, while Gills $2.1 million includes a $1.6 million personal loan from Gill to his own campaign, according to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission. There is potential for a recall over Kevin de Len's statements made during the 2022 Los Angeles City Council scandal as well. The latest vote count showed Feldstein Soto with 56.9% and Gill at 43% of the vote. letter-spacing: 0.03em; In that case, a lawyer working for the city attorneys office secretly represented both sides in a lawsuit over LADWP incorrectly billing customers in 2013. (Gill's personal contributions make him ineligible for matching funds). } In a recent interview, he said that he wanted to make sure the rules are followed and everything is above-board, adding that development is where a lot of the corruption takes place.. He previously worked as a senior policy adviser at the Department of Homeland Security in the George W. Bush administration. He also briefly served as chair of the Vermont Democratic Party. Los Angeles County sheriff and Los Angeles mayor results are provided by the Associated Press. One race to watch in Southern California is in a Congressional district north of Los Angeles that has been a battleground during recent election cycles. .image-candidate-thumbnail-wrapper { } .votebox-results-cell--check { Faisal M. Gill sees the city attorney as a policy office, with the power to make decisions like whether to prosecute protesters or get rid of cash bail in the misdemeanor system. In the first round Feldstein Soto raised $393,000 in traditional donations, where the maximum individual contribution allowed is $1,500. How Much Does The Legislature Look Like California? Californians can return ballots by mail, drop them at collection boxes or turn them in at voting centers. Why is Frank McCourt really pushing this? padding-left: 8px; color: #0645ad; Through Sept. 24 (the most recent campaign finance deadline), Gill reported contributions of $569,000, including another $400,000 in personal funds. The 2023 Los Angeles special election will be held on April 4, . Feldstein Soto said in a. in the seven-person race in the June primary. Two of the five seats on the board were up for election. padding:7px 8px 8px; However, she says she would collect data and refrain from prosecution in cases where enforcing the law has a disparate impact on communities of color. The city's 6:1 matching funds program, an effort to level the playing field, means each donation of this amount can spur another $1,284. complete the Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey. They can make crucial interpretations of ambiguous laws. Incumbents are marked with an (i) after their name. She says there are four areas the city attorney can get involved in: Finding a more updated financing structure for new housing production, enforcing more competitive bidding procedures, creating a more streamlined process whereby housing development plans can be presented through one office that would reach multiple departments, and finding funds for mental health services apart from the county. Feldstein Soto said that early in her tenure she will focus on meeting with staff in her office, as well as having conversations with people in various city departments and offices she would be working alongside. In the November midterm election, California is one of the battlefields as Democrats and Republicans fight over control of Congress. Incumbent Mike Hestrin is presiding over major upticks in homicides and is too beholden to the. .inner_percentage { Guide to the 2022 Los Angeles city attorney's primary election City attorney candidates Sherri Onica Valle Cole, from left, Hydee Feldstein Soto, Faisal Gill, Kevin James, Teddy. A voter guide. Along the way, she picked up awards from the Los Angeles Press Club and Society of Professional Journalists. Ballotpedia researches issues in local elections across the United States, but information availability is a challenge for us in many areas. Leading up to March 3 election, the declared candidates were Michael Richard American, David Berger, Carmen Trutanich, Los Angeles City Council member Jack . The filing deadline for this election was March 9, 2022. And at the end of the day, we need to enforce, she said at a Jan. 6 debate. Hydee Feldstein Soto is the first Latina elected to a citywide office in L.A., her campaign says. Partial, unofficial results aggregated from Comelec data as of May 13, 2022, 6:47 AM and from 272 Election Returns . En Espaol. The vast majority were vote-by-mail ballots, but more than 1,000 were conditional, provisional or miscellaneous ballots. } Attorneys Create Task Force to Address Swindling in State of Emergency, Los Angeles City Attorney Warns Residents of COVID-19 Vaccine Scams, L.A. City Attorney Joins Lawsuit to Stop EPA Changes to Cleaner Fuel Standards, Los Angeles Files Lawsuit Against FAA Over Burbank Airport Flight Noise, Here's Where to Find California's 2022 Midterm Elections Results (Live Updates), Most Severe Impacts of Harmful Air Quality Felt in Western U.S., Study Shows, Challenging What We Take for Granted in the Plant World: A Conversation With Gardeners and Other 'Plant People', Flood Danger Rising, As Epic Snow From Multiple Atmospheric Rivers Starts to Melt, Chad Hecht, University of California, San Diego. City elections in Los Angeles, California (2022), Apply for the Ballotpedia Fellows Program. background-color: green; Donate now to spread the word. Times reporter Seema Mehta contributed to this page. And, the city attorney actually writes the laws proposed by city council, as well as provide legal advice for departments, agencies and officials citywide. The four candidates have shuffled around throughout the vote counting process, and at the moment, Gill leads with 20.45%, Torres with 20.41%, Feldstein Soto with 19.35% and Kim with 19.06%. top: -1px; The city attorneys job includes drafting ordinances adopted by the City Council, such as the citys medical and recreational marijuana laws; restrictions on the unhoused that have been challenged as unconstitutional; and environmental laws such as prohibiting businesses from using plastic grocery bags. On holding the L.A. Police Department accountable: Gill said at the April 20 forum that he would strike a fair but balanced relationship with LAPD, and would hold officers accountable if they commit misconduct but defend those who are wrongfully accused of violations. } Seventeen people whose job title is "consultant" have given her money. overflow-x: scroll; The Case Remains Cold, Even 'Affordable Housing' In LA Isn't Affordable. When she was a teenager, Feldstein Soto moved to the U.S. on her own to attend college. Election 2022: Hydee Feldstein Soto leads, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Election 2022: Hydee Feldstein Soto leads Faisal Gill for LA City Attorney, How automatically registering people to vote at the DMV impacted voting in California, In her first 100 days, LA County Supervisor Lindsey Horvath came out swinging, Cold, drizzly week ahead for Southern California, Manhunt continues for Texas shooting suspect, reward offered, Southern California Marine who volunteered in Ukraine, survived rocket attack: I would do it again. The 2009 Los Angeles City Attorney election was held on March 3, 2009, to replace then Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, who was unable to run since he had reached his term limit. padding-bottom: 3px; } height: 100%; left: 0; Updated to note that current city attorney Mike Feuer is no longer running for mayor of Los Angeles. Los Angeles November election will feature three local ballot measures. Feldstein Soto has had a long career as an attorney. background-color: #003388; This article is published in conjunction withCrosstown. California voters head to the polls Nov. 8 to vote for U.S. Senate, governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller, treasurer, attorney general, and races for U.S. representative in Congress, state senator and state Assemblymember. Our priority will be sharing outcomes and election calls only when they have been thoroughly checked and vetted. padding-left: 10px; Help us provide information on American politics. Hydee Feldstein Soto came in second, with 19.9% of the vote. The next city attorney could set the course for the citys approach to corruption, homelessness, housing, public safety and other pressing issues. These different perspectives are in play when it comes to what each candidate has said about the City Hall tape scandal. He pledges to significantly reduce prosecutions of crimes that he says do not affect public safety, including loitering, public drunkenness and trespassing. } position: absolute; Her team of 1,000 legal professionals, including 500 attorneys, carries out the Citys legal work at her direction and under her supervision. Heres How To Start Your Search, Emmery Muoz, 14, Was Killed In LA 17 Years Ago. Californians will start receiving ballots this week to cast their votes for governor, attorney general and more. An analysis of publicly available campaign data shows that Gill has received 89 maximum donations of $1,500, with another 18 contributions of $1,000. Travel & Experiences . But outstanding ballots represent about one-third of total votes countywide, and officials dont know which parts of L.A. County have the most numbers of outstanding ballots. Outstanding ballots not tallied on Election Day are usually not enough in number to swing any but the most narrow races. A lifelong registered Democrat a detail shes often repeated on the campaign trail Feldstein Soto says her managerial experience, as well as years working as a transactional lawyer make her the best fit for the job. Copyright 2023 City of Los Angeles. Karen Bass withdrew her endorsement for Faisal Gills city attorney campaign. LA Explained: With A New Mayor In Town, What Powers Does Bass Actually Have? Seven of the fifteen seats in the City Council were up for election. font-size: 2em; margin-top: 1em; A study show that nearly 1 in 5 Americans live in communities with harmful air quality and increasing wildfires have worsened air pollution particularly in the western United States. The two candidates are both considered to be outsiders and their perspectives on the role of the office are notably distinct. Endorsed Candidates 2022 General Election: Tuesday, November 8, 2022 County-Wide Federal LA Unified School District Los Angeles City Statewide Clear Alex Padilla US Senate WebsiteDonateTwitter Gavin Newsom Governor WebsiteDonateTwitter Eleni Kounalakis Lt. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The statewide primary election is fast approaching, when. She also says she is not interested in starting a political career and pledges not to use this role as a stepping stone to higher office. There were no incumbents in this race. State and local courts | } She resides in Mid-City. padding-bottom: 7px; In L.A. County, the first batch of results released includes vote by mail ballots received before Election Day, followed by early votes cast at vote centers before Election Day, then votes cast. Opinion. Hydee Feldstein Soto is the 43rd Los Angeles City Attorney, elected in November 2022 and sworn into office in December 2022. While the mayor is the citys highest office, theres a lot they can and cant do. width: 35px !important; The city attorney has a sprawling set of duties: The office writes legislation, defends the city in lawsuits, can pursue legal claims and prosecutes misdemeanors. Faisal Gill and Hydee Feldstein Soto, who, respectively, came in first and second in the seven-person race in the June primary, are now facing off. .race_header.republican { If your mail-in ballot is rejected for any reason (like a missing or mismatched signature), your county registrar must contact you to give you a chance to fix it. text-align: center; Find out whats on the ballot in Californias 2022 midterm election. The Top 5 newsletter catches you up with LAs top 5 stories in just 3 minutes. She was a partner at two major law firms specializing in commercial finance and bankruptcy litigation, and briefly served as general counsel for entertainment company Kin Community. Former City Attorney Mike Feuer also proposed that a special election be held on a referendum to replace the Council's ability to redraw the City . L.A. voters poised to select new city attorney, controller Top from left, L.A. city controller candidates Kenneth Mejia and Paul Koretz, and bottom from left, city attorney candidates. } 2023 Southern California Public Radio - All Rights Reserved, Voter Game Plan: Your Guide To The Nov. 8 General Election, Read more about Feldstein Soto in our full voter guide, Read more about Gill in our full voter guide, a schedule you can see on the county's site, Ex-Councilmember Martinez Opposed Healthy Streets LA Plan. To be counted, a ballot must be received no later than Nov. 15. Entertainment & Arts. font-weight: bold; margin-bottom:16px; On. L.A. needs fixing, lets hope she can deliver, Bass on track to win L.A. mayors race as lead grows to more than 29,000 votes. .inner_percentage.Democratic { Business. The city attorney handles the prosecution of all misdemeanor crimes that happen in Los Angeles, including petty theft, vandalism, DUI, some domestic violence charges and other offenses that carry a maximum penalty of a year in jail. width: 90%; L.A. mayoral race: Ballots start arriving in the mail - Los Angeles Times That compares with 497 donations secured by Feldstein Soto. Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. Californians can register to vote or check their status at https://registertovote.ca.gov/. 2022 Los Angeles City Attorney election Primary election Candidate Votes % Faisal Gill: 137,554 24.23 Hydee Feldstein Soto: 112,978 19.90 Marina Torres 112,842 19.87 Squeaking into the runoff to meet him was Hydee Feldstein Soto, who received 19.9%. Talking with "plant people" gardeners, florists and more reveals not only the wisdom of plants, but also how they inspire us, remind us that nothing lasts forever, invite us to slow down and more. A former Republican now registered as a Democrat, he lost races for elected office in Vermont and Virginia. City Attorney. Dear voter, we're asking you to help us keep local election news widely available for all today. } .election_results_text { I would not have issued this statement if I wasnt convinced to a moral certainty that based on the trends, I will be declared the winner, she said. These retailers will take them, Dodger Stadium gondola may get shut down by city of LA, Homeboy Industries, Kings eliminated from playoffs after Game 6 loss to Oilers, UCLA football inspired by Bruins in the NFL draft, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. The 2020 Los Angeles elections were held on March 3, 2020. Los Angeles is a city in California and the seat of Los Angeles County. max-height: 580px; He previously worked as a senior policy adviser at the Department of Homeland Security in the George W. Bush administration. top: -5px; Current city attorney Mike Feuer was making his bid for mayor in 2022 as well, but dropped out of the race in May. Ballots are already arriving in Los Angeles homes ahead of the June 7 primary. text-align: left; The editorial board operates independently of the newsroom reporters covering these races have no say in the endorsements. The candidates include a city council staffer, two community organizers, the head of a housing nonprofit, the head of the San Fernando Valley NAACP, and three people in private business. The Official Website of the CityofLosAngeles. How we did it: We examined publicly available campaign finance data from the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission in the period up to Sept. 24, 2022. Ballot box icon is from Google Material Icons. Thank you for investing in your neighborhood. Candidates could win the election outright by receiving more than 50% of the vote, but no candidate received a majority. Partisan labels were tested in several high-profile races on California's primary ballot, including the bid for state attorney general. Newsom: If addiction is a brain disease, where are all the doctors? Photos from Los Angeles Times, Associated Press and candidates. Things are settling down after a period of scandals and elections. letter-spacing: .03em; width: 100%; It doesnt matter that the property stolen was worth $9, $90, or $900. In Los Angeles County, the registrar will send you a notification by mail and you have until Nov. 28 to reply and "cure" your ballot. Faisal Gillwon the primary with 24.23% of the vote. .results_table { Candidates To Replace Her Say She Was Wrong, Meet The Candidates For Nury Martinezs LA City Council Seat. overflow-x: auto; So much of this depends on who we elect, what their priorities are, who else is elected for offices like city council or mayor, and what kind of legal conundrums the L.A. city government finds itself in. The 2022 Los Angeles elections were held on June 7, 2022. } Keep in mind that in tight races particularly, the winner may not be determined for days or weeks after Election Day. New faces are in, and longstanding members are gone. If you want to get on her bright side, she loves a perfect cup of matcha latte. The Top 5 newsletter catches you up with LAs top 5 stories in just 3 minutes. Its impossible to say anything specific at this stage. color:white; June 27, 2023 City of Los Angeles Council District 6 Special Runoff Election July 25, 2023 Claremont Unified School District Trustee Area 4 Special Election November 7, 2023 Local and Municipal Elections March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election Scheduled elections in Los Angeles County: 2023 Scheduled Elections 2024 Scheduled Elections How to run for office | Two outsider candidates neither of whom had high name recognition in the world of local politics before entering the race are vying to become Los Angeles city attorney, a critical but often overlooked role with wide-ranging responsibilities. .votebox_legend .non_result_row { She is the Citys general counsel and serves as legal advisor to the Mayor, City Council, and to the hundreds of boards, departments, officers and entities that make up the City of Los Angeles. max-width: 75px; text-align: left !important; LA City Council In 2023: Your Guide To Who's Who (And What They Do), The Palm Springs Government Burned Down Their Neighborhood Now They're Seeking Reparations, You Need Child Care For Your Baby. t. e. v. t. e. The 2019 Los Angeles special elections were held on March 5, 2019, and June 4, 2019. Can Villanueva defeat challengers? Karen Bass and Rick Caruso have led the mayoral pack, with nearly 40% of likely voters undecided. Thats the kind of savvy this job requires. The 2009 elections for elected officials in Los Angeles took place on March 3, 2009, with run-off elections on May 19, 2009. The current Porter Ranch resident became a candidate for City Attorney after representing a Black man who filed a racial profiling lawsuit against the city. vertical-align: top; In the 1980s, city attorney James Hahn, who later became mayor, pioneered the use of gang injunctions, which are court orders that prohibit gang members from doing things like staying out past a certain hour at night, wearing clothes with gang colors, or assembling in large groups. Ballotpedia features 408,463 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers.

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