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To learn more about the Ethnicraft collection or to place an order, call us at 802-862-5056 or email us at [emailprotected]. Ethnicraft Sale | Save 15% on Select Designs April 24 - May 07. Save on the largest collection of ETHNICRAFT furniture sale at ModeSens. Use place mats and/or coasters to prevent hot pots and pans, or cold glasses and bottles, from leaving marks on the furniture. Heading somewhere? This list is Thats not too bad for a brand that mere years ago was solidifying their identity by taking pictures in a warehouse. * Text the word DESIGN to 82215. What type of dining table is best from Ethnicraft? About Ethnicraft. This list is subject to change at any time. Also available in oak, teak, and non-expanding versions in oak and teak; starting at $2,900. excluded from this offer. The Ethnicraft furniture range available at Funktion Alley offers you solid hardwood furniture, from a brand which values authenticity, simplicity and craftsmanship, creating sustainable furniture that boasts character.The Belgium based company have been around for the past 20 years and pride themselves on using only the best materials, all the wood is FSC approved and finished in Ethnicrafts . Design your seating area using the many modular pieces available. Embrace quality craftsmanship and timeless design with Ethnicrafts minimal-modern bar + counter stools, beds, benches, cabinets, chairs, console tables, dining chairs, dining tables, dressers, media consoles, mirrors, nesting tables, nightstands, sofas, and side tables. Do not drag the furniture along the floor, always lift the furniture when moving. 2 In your cart, Most of them reported impeccable service, friendly delivery men, and high-quality furniture pieces. Yeah, this puppy has all of that. Start here for sourcing and advice. A lighter step for a new season. That reviewer wasnt alone in their adoration for Kaiyo. What is the standard height for Ethnicraft's furniture? Get a Sale Alert. Actually, a Kaiyo product doesnt even exist. Normally our Kaiyo review staff are wary of gently used couches the same way were weary of clown cars: sure they look innocent, but who really knows what either has witnessed. SOURCEBOOK FOR CONSIDERED LIVING Available in solid White Oak. Certain brands are excluded from this offer: Alessi, Artek, Arteriors, Artkalia, B&B Italia, Bambrella, BDI, Bernhardt Design, Blomus, Blu Dot, Calligaris, Cane-line, Carl Hansen, Cherner Chair Company, Chilewich, Copeland Furniture, Driade, dweLED, Ethnicraft, Fermob, Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting, FLOS, Fredrick Ramond, Gan Rugs, Greenington, Gus Modern, Heller, Herman Miller Hubbardton Forge, Huppe, Iittala, Kartell, Kebe, Knoll, Lafer, Lafuma, Lechuza, Loll Designs, Loloi, Luceplan, Lyon Beton, Magis, Marset, Midj, Minka Aire Fans, Modern Fan Company, Modern Forms, Modloft, Modloft Black, Moooi Carpets, Nanimarquina, Nomon, Petite Friture, QLOCKTWO, Roll & Hill, Secto Design, Teckell, Toulemonde Bochart, Visual Comfort, Vitra, Vondom, WAC Lighting, ZANEEN design. That $20 discount is good for any pre-owned piece of Kaiyo furniture. Moving soon! Why the infatuation? 3 damaged items were received. Candlelight, + Accessory Lighting, Dark Sky Compliance + The Future of Outdoor Lighting, Q+A with Design Leadership Network Founder Peter Sallick, Bending Light: Modern Luxury, Modern Crystal, Northern Lights: See the Colorful Side of the Scandinavian Look, Embracing Extravagance: The Age of Maximalist Design, The Woman Behind the Brand: Florence Knoll, Wave TV Cupboard - 2 Doors - 1 Flip-down Door / 1 Drawer, 1966 Collection 38-Inch Square Dining Table, Special order, oversize, fragile and heavy items shipping freight, Orders under $99 (charged a $14.99 flat rate), Orders shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. The Kaiyo Thomasville Vintage Armoire is only available for local pickup and delivery because of its sheer magnitude. After more than 25 years, craftsmanship and quality remain the core values of Ethnicraft. This chaise looks designed to lure you into afternoon naps with the autumn sunlight tickling your chin. HELP for help. Ideas to update and improve your outdoor space with hardscaping elements. $366. Both are made of FSC-certified 100 percent recycled wood, reclaimed from neglected Javanese buildings without cultural significance. But we're trying to do more. Not valid in stores or on already marked down items. Nice! $439. This service gets your purchase to your door in 2 business days, though we can neither confirm nor deny that anyone will actually be wearing white gloves like Mickey Mouse. The Remodelista editors provide a curated selection of product recommendations for your consideration. Herman Miller. Were guessing they dont because: Thats a fair bit of deductive reasoning on our part, but our Kaiyo review writers were unable to find anything directly referencing a warranty throughout all of our research. Yet were willing to reserve our hesitation for the Kaiyo Design Within Reach Neo Chaise because of how darn comfortable it looks. How long does Ethnicraft's furniture last? Greenington Furniture View All Currant Dining Chair $ 423.00 $ 359.55Sale Azara Nightstand $ 638.00 $ 542.30Sale Azara Platform Bed $ 2,038.00 $ 1,732.30Sale Mercury Exotic Nightstand $ 784.00 $ 666.40Sale Always ensure water and solutions used to clean the floor do not come in contact with the furniture's base, as it might leave permanent marks. They were touted as being environmentally conscious, which customers appreciated because it made them feel more confident in their purchases. However, take that as a sign of Kaiyos line-up being an internet treasure chest of furniture. Orders of $99 and more: You should receive an email with your password reset code - please enter it below, along with your new password. Since the beginning, Ethnicraft chose to establish strong, long-term partnerships with its suppliers. Delivered on time and very securely wrapped. not a condition of the purchase of goods or services. apply coupon code STRING. It comes in two sizes with four or six sliding doors for adjustable, concealed storage, and its made of solid American black walnutsourced from the US and Europefinished with natural oil. 260 Results Teak Bok Outdoor Dining Chair By Ethnicraft $84915 $999.00 15% Savings Today Compare 4 Size Options Bok Outdoor Dining Table All wood is sustainably sourced through carefully managed forests including their Teak collections. Ideal room temperature: between 14C/57F and 21 C/70 F. For cleaning or in case of a spill, use a damp cloth and natural soap. I write about fitness, health, nutrition, fashion, and more. We still think Kaiyo offers something for those living outside of those states, but if that applies to you then youll have to wait a little bit longer for your product to arrive. 519. 10110143-U Teak Oscar Sideboard: the sliding rail to the door frame was broken. Inquire about white glove delivery included throughout the US. Item ID: 56505 Dimensions: 63 " W x 31 " H x 36 " D Our Impact Kaiyo is the most sustainable way to buy and sell furniture. Modern, Heller, Herman Miller, Hinkley, Hubbardton Forge, Huppe, Iittala, Kartell, Kebe, Knoll, Lafer, Message and data rates may apply. + See More, {"Color=Natural Teak":"ETHP374504", "Color=Black Teak":"ETHP374504_alt13"}, {"Color=Natural Teak | Size=79 In":"ETHP374493_alt01", "Color=Natural Teak | Size=98 In":"ETHP374493_alt03", "Color=Natural Teak | Size=118 In":"ETHP374493_alt05", "Color=Black | Size=79 In":"ETHP374493_alt33", "Color=Black | Size=118 In":"ETHP374493_alt37", "Color=Black | Size=64 in":"ETHP374493_alt31", "Color=Black | Size=98 In":"ETHP374493_alt35"}, {"Finish=Oak Black":"ETHP211211_alt01", "Finish=Oiled Oak":"ETHP211211", "Finish=Varnished Oak":"ETHP211211_alt35", "Finish=Varnished Oak Brown":"ETHP211211_alt36"}, {"Finish=Walnut":"ESTP202541_alt01", "Finish=Oak":"ESTP202541", "Finish=Black":"ESTP202541_alt16"}, {"Finish=Black | Size=63 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt15", "Finish=Black | Size=71 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt16", "Finish=Black | Size=79 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt17", "Finish=Black | Size=87 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt18", "Finish=Black | Size=94 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt19", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=63 Inch":"ETHP204203", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=71 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt01", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=79 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt02", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=87 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt03", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=94 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt04", "Finish=Black | Size=55 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt28", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=55 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt26", "Finish=Varnished Oak | Size=55 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt32", "Finish=Varnished Oak | Size=63 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt33", "Finish=Varnished Oak | Size=94 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt37", "Finish=Varnished Oak | Size=87 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt36", "Finish=Varnished Oak | Size=79 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt35", "Finish=Varnished Oak | Size=71 Inch":"ETHP204203_alt34"}, {"Finish=Oak | Size=55-87 Extension":"ETHP211215", "Finish=Oak | Size=63-96 Extension":"ETHP211215_alt01", "Finish=Oak | Size=71-110 Extension":"ETHP211215_alt02"}, {"Finish=Natural Oak | Size=50 In":"ETHP409045", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=57 In":"ETHP409045_alt02", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=65 In":"ETHP409045_alt04", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=73 In":"ETHP409045_alt06", "Finish=Black Oak | Size=50 In":"ETHP409045_alt08", "Finish=Black Oak | Size=57 In":"ETHP409045_alt10", "Finish=Black Oak | Size=65 In":"ETHP409045_alt12", "Finish=Black Oak | Size=73 In":"ETHP409045_alt14"}, {"Ottoman Color=Beige":"ETHP215671", "Ottoman Color=Dark Grey":"ETHP215671_alt01", "Ottoman Color=Blue":"ETHP215671_alt09", "Ottoman Color=Leather":"ETHP215671_alt08", "Ottoman Color=Graphite":"ETHP215671_alt10"}, {"Finish=Black":"ETHP375614", "Finish=Oak":"ETHP375614_alt01"}, {"Finish=Oak":"ETHP211208_alt02", "Finish=Teak":"ETHP211208_alt03"}, {"Finish=Natural Oak | Length=28 in":"ETHP375219", "Finish=Natural Oak | Length=55 in":"ETHP375219_alt02", "Finish=Natural Oak | Length=83 in":"ETHP375219_alt04", "Finish=Black Oak | Length=28 in":"ETHP375219_alt07", "Finish=Black Oak | Length=55 in":"ETHP375219_alt09", "Finish=Black Oak | Length=83 in":"ETHP375219_alt11"}, {"3 Seater Sofa Color=Beige":"ETHP215673", "3 Seater Sofa Color=Dark Grey":"ETHP215673_alt01", "3 Seater Sofa Color=Blue":"ETHP215673_alt11"}, {"Size=55 in X 32 in":"ETHP375215", "Size=63 in X 32 in":"ETHP375215_alt01", "Size=71 in X 35 in":"ETHP375215_alt02", "Size=79 in X 37 in":"ETHP375215_alt03", "Size=87 in X 37 in":"ETHP375215_alt04", "Size=95 in X 39 in":"ETHP375215_alt05"}, {"2 Seater Sofa Color=Beige":"ETHP215669_alt02", "2 Seater Sofa Color=Dark Grey":"ETHP215669_alt03", "2 Seater Sofa Color=Blue":"ETHP215669_alt08", "2 Seater Sofa Color=Old Saddle Leather":"ETHP215669_alt12", "2 Seater Sofa Color=Graphite":"ETHP215669_alt003"}, {"Size=Small":"ETHP413492", "Size=Large":"ETHP413492_alt01"}, {"Finish=Black Oak | Size=28-Inch L":"ESTP202327_alt03", "Finish=Black Oak | Size=35-Inch L":"ESTP202327_alt04", "Finish=Black Oak | Size=50-Inch L":"ESTP202327_alt05", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=50-Inch L":"ESTP202327_alt02", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=35-Inch L":"ESTP202327_alt01", "Finish=Natural Oak | Size=28-Inch L":"ESTP202327"}, {"Width=24 in":"ETHP413491", "Width=32 in":"ETHP413491_alt01"}, {"Length=55 in - 87 in":"ETHP375205", "Length=63 in - 95 in":"ETHP375205", "Length=71 in - 110 in":"ETHP375205"}, {"Frame Finish=Oak | Size=Queen":"ETHP211202", "Frame Finish=Walnut | Size=Queen":"ETHP211202_alt10", "Frame Finish=Walnut | Size=King":"ETHP211202_alt05", "Frame Finish=Black Oak | Size=King":"ETHP211202_alt11"}, {"Drawer Color=Black":"ETIP202999_alt01", "Drawer Color=Cream":"ETIP202999_alt04"}, {"Size=55 in":"ETHP442895", "Size=63 in":"ETHP442895_alt02", "Size=71 in":"ETHP442895_alt04", "Size=94 in":"ETHP442895_alt10", "Size=79 in":"ETHP442895_alt06", "Size=87 in":"ETHP442895_alt08"}. Wooden finish? The best way to do that is by purchasing consignment goods, like pre-owned pieces of furniture that Kaiyo sells. All open-box, clearance, light bulbs and some sale items are also Innovation is a core value along with timelessness and sustainability. . Walnut or White Oak. Some of my other furniture had to be moved to get the couch out of the house, and it was placed back exactly where it had been prior to being moved.. Remodelista, Gardenista, 10 Easy Pieces, Steal This Look, 5 Quick Fixes, Design Sleuth, High/Low Design, Sourcebook for the Considered Home, and Sourcebook for Considered Living are registered trademarks of Remodelista, LLC. Combining the environmental benefits of a Kaiyo purchase with the potential savings and its hard not to recommend looking into what the company offers. Prices start at $2,800 for the six-door rack shown here. Want to shop around for more furniture? While its great to hear that their selling service is sublime, our Kaiyo review writers were curious if the same could be said for buyers. Preserve solid oak, walnut, and teak wood pieces by avoiding direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, hot or cold tableware directly on surfaces without placemats or coasters, harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions, and dragging furniture on floor to move. Another review spoke about how easy the process was for her as a seller. Other restrictions may apply, Your email address will not be published. Use the down arrow to enter the dropdown. Cloudflare Ray ID: 7c0bd778c970be4c To purchase, follow the product links below or explore Ethnicraft at Lekker Home. Farmhouse Sideboards & Buffets| Cannot be redeemed after the promotional period has ended or applied to out of stock merchandise. Don't worry, we won't share your email with anyone. items in your cart from thousands of products sitewide. Privacy Policy. Human commitment is just as important as the quality of the products. Service. This offer has no cash value and is subject to change. Used ethnicraft in NYC on Kaiyo online used furniture store. For regular dusting use a dry cloth. Our Catalog Browse our products from different angles below, and you'll see how we make it easier to find products that you love. *Exclusions apply. Offer valid for U.S. shipping destinations only. This list is Its as if it was transported straight from Fritz Langs Metropolis with the way it communicates high class and decadence. Intentionally crafted with responsibly sourced wood from sustainably managed forests Ethnicrafts effortless modern designs showcase raw materials with elegant restraint. Available in king or queen sizes. For the last two decades, Ethnicraft has used solid Oak that is sustainably grown as the basis of their minimal aesthetic. Receive the Remodelista newsletter in your inbox daily. Creating warmth through the use of wood, their clean modern style is timeless. Beyond the press attention given to Kaiyo, theyve also worked hard enough to raise $5m in funding from New York City venture capitalists in 2021. Category Type Product availability Price range Collection Colour Designer All products by the brand Ethnicraft 157 products Sort by eco design Ethnicraft Chair Pebble natural wood / Solid oak 479.00 Add to Basket eco design Ethnicraft Other buyers on Yelp reported similar satisfaction levels with their purchases made through the company. Use the up and down arrows to move through the list, and enter to select. Over 241 Google customers rated the brand 4.1/5 stars, which is an impressive score on a platform as popular as Google. For twenty-five years, Belgian design house, Ethnicraft, has been perfecting modern solid wood furniture rooted in simplicity, authenticity, and respect for the environment. Ethnicraft Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing We create the foundations of your home, to inspire the stories of your life. Ethnicraft's furniture is conceived to adapt well to the hydrometric conditions of its environment, although some cracking or movement may occur. Strap in for this part buster. Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2023 at 9:05am. Facebook marketplace is a great space to offload old furniture pieces. Make an offer! Our catalog of more than 10,000 products featured on Remodelista. Lumens reserves the right to substitute an item of The shipping costs include brokerage fees and do not include taxes or customs duties. Who we are, plus details on Remodelista events and books. Its what the customers have to say about the products! Blend in their collections into every style and room effortlessly. Grab this piece before its too late for $976. Ethnicrafts new headquarters, located near Antwerp in Belgium, is exemplary in this matter. Outdoor Furniture Timeless designs blending unique and foundational styles for a creative and effortless aesthetic. Ethnicraft. Even their waste is put to good use: leftover lumber and even sawdust from cutting wood are used for drying ovens, base material, joints, or pallets. Offer valid on the purchase of select items. Ethnicraft. Its also the primary US source for a furniture line weve long lovedEthnicraft, out of Belgium (Remodelista contributing editor Francesca Connolly has an Ethnicraft sideboard in her summer home on Cape Cod, and weve cited Ethnicraft in our furniture hits lists time and again; click to shop Ethnicraft on Remodelista). Search Search. Lumens offers free ground shipping (UPS or FedEx ground) on orders over $49 that ship within the contiguous United States. Sign up today and we'll send you a 15% discount code towards your first purchase. every curve, texture and line reflects their design values. All open-box, clearance, light bulbs and some sale items are also Join our community of fellow design enthusiasts. Your IP: Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Shop the Spring Rug Sale while it's in bloom! All open-box, clearance, light bulbs and Redesigning a space? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Their wide selection of unique products which includes outdoor furniture, area rugs, storage pieces, side tables & more are full of character that are timeless and will last a lifetime. Copyright 2007-2023 Remodelista, LLC. Kaiyo workers were often complimented for being respectful, cheery, and a pleasure to work with. text messages and cart reminders to the mobile number used at opt-in. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about special offers, exclusive promotions, sales and more. The oak wood used in the Ethnicraft Oak collection is sourced from well managed forests in Europe. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Delivered Fridays. "Light + Living" are registered trademarks. Delivered Mondays. 109. It seems you can ease and relax as much as you please because Kaiyo garnered a respectable 4/5 star average score from over 260 customer reviews on Birdeye. All your questions about choosing the right rug for you, answered. Again & Again, a new used furniture store, had its grand opening in St. John's on Saturday. Join our list for exclusive access to events. Handpicked designs meant for living and intended to last a lifetime. Regarding upholstered pieces, as all fabrics have varying characteristics and can stretch (creating puddling) and or show surface wear (creating piling, etc). Ethnicraft creates collections for every room of the house: from the furniture that defines the purpose of a space, to the objects and accessories that layer it with meaning. Do not drag the furniture along the floor, as it might damage the protective coating, cause rusting or leave permanent marks on the floor. Minimalist, functional, and beautiful. Our Kaiyo review team recommends this brand for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania residents because they can access Kaiyos white-glove delivery service. The Spindle Collection Bed offers a timeless addition to your bedroom aesthetic. Blend in their collections into every style and room effortlessly. All Remodelista storiesfrom house tours and expert advice to product roundups. The company cites a moral obligation to carefully consider the impacts of its operations, from the origin of materials to factory waste. possible price on every product we sell, every day of the year. With full control from design to distribution Ethnicraft considers repairability when developing new products and provides spare parts for clients to extend the life of their products. Crate & Barrel. All Rights Reserved. Weve pulled some of the more informative tidbits of consumer feedback from Yelp, but before we get into the anecdotes and pleasantries, lets talk about the elephant in the room: Kaiyos customer-generated score. In addition to our incredible specials and price promotions, Lumens is committed to offering you the lowest Design Within Reach. Each piece of furniture is manufactured with high-quality solid wood, designed for user friendliness and to age well over time.

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